Apple is developing AR headsets and has been tested

Earlier this month, 9to5Mac reported on the new "Gobi" augmented reality app in the iOS 14 build. Foreign media MacRumors added today that the app is an AR bowling game currently being tested internally by Apple, and that the experience can currently only be activated on specific streets within a 5-mile radius of Apple Park.


In addition, MacRumors comes with a photo that says they are one of the controllers Apple uses to test its AR headsets. In appearance, it looks very similar to the HTC Vive Focus controller. The game of bowling is definitely an internal test scenario, not a feature that will eventually become user-oriented.

Several reports so far indicate that Apple is continuing to develop advanced augmented reality headsets internally, but the project is facing technical challenges and may take several years to get ready.

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At the same time, some reports indicate that Apple is actively working with existing augmented reality brands. The headset will interact with the connected iPhone; the phone will wirelessly drive the AR experience by sending a video stream to the headset, similar to how CarPlay works. In addition, App Store apps will be able to include extensions that provide AR capabilities.

The controller in the picture looks very similar to the HTC controller. A few years ago, there were reports that Apple used the HTC Vive as an early test device when building its own AR prototype.