Apple launches iCloud content transfer service: pictures and videos can be moved to Google Photos

Apple this week launched a new service that can help users transfer pictures and videos from iCloud to Google Photos. Whether you want to switch from an iPhone to a native Android model, or want to experience Google’s cloud services, Apple’s features this time can be said to be very practical.

Users can now log on to Apple’s privacy website, check the “Transfer Data Copy” option, and then select the content to be transferred.

Apple will then transfer the content selected by the user to Google Photos. The entire process will take about three to seven days, during which time Apple will verify whether the request is made by the user himself. In addition, users also need to open two-factor authentication for Apple accounts and have a Google Photos account with sufficient storage space.

Apple will not delete the content stored in iCloud after the transfer is complete, so if you have a Google Album with a large storage capacity, you can also use this feature to back up photos and videos.

At present, the service already supports most mainstream picture and video format files, but there are still some limitations. For example, the original version of the edited photo cannot be translated, and some RAW format files cannot be transferred.

It may be because it is still in the testing stage, so this feature is currently only available to users in certain countries/regions.