Apple launches the latest public beta of iOS 14: spatial audio function will be launched soon

On August 26, Apple launched the sixth developer beta version of iOS 14, which was released again after a week. This update brings some new features, and user operations are smoother and more convenient.

This update brings a lot of highlights, such as a new time selector design, Apple has added an orange frame to the alarm and time selection functions, which looks more comfortable. In other respects, in the new version, when the user opens the map software, a new feature introduction screen will appear.

It is worth mentioning that although Apple did not add AirPods Pro’s new feature-spatial audio in the new public beta, a switch for this feature has already appeared, and it may be available in the next official version. Spatial audio can accurately place the surround channels in the right position, even if the mobile device or head is moved, it will not be affected.

As for the final official version of iOS 14, it will be unveiled with Apple’s new iPhone 12 series this fall. If users don’t want to wait too long, they can also download the public beta version for early adopters.