Apple released iOS 14.1 system: iPhone 12 series will be pre-installed on the market

While releasing the new iPhone, Apple naturally did not forget to push the new iOS system.

According to the latest report from foreign media, after the press conference, Apple directly pushed the iOS 14.1 system (version number is 18A8395), along with iPadOS 14.1.

What is certain is that the first models of iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max will be directly pre-installed with iOS 14.1 system.

According to foreign media reports, the iOS 14.1 system does not have any new features added, mainly to fix some bugs, while improving the stability of the system, which can also be seen from the naming.

Last week, Apple has stopped the system verification of iOS 14, which also means that devices that have upgraded the system are not allowed to downgrade in subsequent versions.

Prior to this, Apple has launched iOS 14.0.1, which fixes a bug that may cause third-party applications to be set as the default, and the problem will appear after the iPhone is restarted.