Apple releases new beta version of iOS system to integrate epidemic tracking function

Apple released a new beta version of the iOS system this Wednesday, allowing users to participate in the new crown virus epidemic contact tracking system without installing public health apps.

The test version iOS 13.7 released this time has been provided to a group of testers. These testers register to participate in Apple's software testing projects and can use the new version of the system in advance.

Apple stated in its version note to testers that the new system "supports participation in the new crown virus outbreak notification system without the need to download a separate application" and "the availability of the system depends on whether the local health authority supports it."

Together with Google, Apple first introduced a virus contact tracking system in May. The initial version required users to download a separate public health application. Due to the extra steps required, some users may not want to use it. The latest system update belongs to what Apple and Google call the "second phase", which separates the public health applications that are downloaded separately.

However, Apple users still need to choose to participate in the project through the new "Exposure Notification" option in the iPhone settings menu. In addition, the user's location must have similar applications provided by public health authorities. Currently, only six states in the United States, including Alabama, Arizona, Nevada, Wyoming, Virginia, and North Dakota, use Apple and Google systems. Countries such as Switzerland, Austria, and the United Kingdom have also accepted these systems.