Apple releases the latest beta version of iOS 14: fixes quite a few problems

With the advent of September, Apple also accelerated the testing speed of iOS 14.

Now, Apple has released the fifth beta version of iOS 14, which is mainly to make the system more stable, but also to adjust some system functions. For example, the iOS home screen widget has been updated, including fine control of location access. You will be prompted when viewing widgets that use your location to grant access.

In addition, the system also brings some problem fixes, such as:

The new "Settings" option allows you to hide albums in the Photos app

The calendar widget has a lighter background and larger text in dark mode

AirPods Pro phone call bug has been fixed

The weather widget has been fixed and updated at more appropriate intervals

Brings a new hidden album setting in the photo application, which will make the hidden album in the photo appear in the "Album" tab under "Utilities" when it is turned on

HomeKit devices in the control center now have smaller tiles and smarter organization, with just a tap to access more shortcuts

In addition, in the latest beta version of iOS 14, for apps that use location, a window will now pop up, asking if you allow gadgets in these apps to also use your location data. Gadgets can use up to 15 minutes of location data after activation, and the app’s location service privacy settings now mention gadgets.