Apple releases transparency report, 90% meet US information requests

News on January 19th. On January 18th, Apple released a semi-annual transparency report to the public. From the report, we can know the security requirements of user data in various countries. It is worth mentioning that Apple received 6,480 requests for account information in the first half of the year, including details such as iCloud and iTunes accounts.

Among them, most requests came from the United States, up to 3,619 times, accounting for about 56.96%, compared with last year, an increase of about 36%. Apple also said that it provided detailed information in 90% of cases, up from 88% in the previous year's report.

When law enforcement officials suspect illegal activity, they will request details of the user's iTunes or iCloud account, such as name and address, and, if necessary, they will also request information about the user's iCloud content, such as account photos, emails, Information such as device backups, contacts, or calendars. In fact, Apple has responded to the vast majority of requests from the US government for information, sharing user data with it to assist law enforcement officers.

In addition, Apple also mentioned that the United States involved the transfer of over 15,301 accounts, setting a new historical high.

(Edit: Guo Xiafei)