Apple Safari updates ITP feature to prevent browsing history from being snooped

In terms of protecting privacy, Apple has always been a practitioner in the industry, and has also made a lot of exemplary and effective results. According to a report on March 25, according to the US technology media The Verge, Apple released the Safari smart tracking prevention. (ITP) Major Update.

According to reports, ITP is a privacy protection feature that allows your Safari browser to block cookies to prevent advertisers from snooping on users ’online habits. For example, when users often browse sneakers in Safari, then third-party advertising The master can push the advertisement of the sneaker by detecting the browsing habits of the user.

In this regard, Apple WebKit engineer John Wilander said that after updating the ITP privacy protection function, Safari can block third-party cookies, thereby preventing any advertiser or related tracking technology from snooping and tracking users' privacy on the Internet.

In addition, in the iOS 13.1 update on March 25, Apple released the latest version of the Safari browser, adding support for importing passwords from Google Chrome.

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