Apple SE3 exposure, screen size and camera system upgrade

Recently, news from the well-known whistleblower Ross Young said that Apple will launch a new generation of iPhone SE 3 in 2022, and there will be no SE series models in 2021. At the same time iPhone SE 3 will also upgrade the screen size and camera system, and support 5G network.

Ross Young reported that the screen size of the iPhone SE 3 will be upgraded to 6.06 inches, while retaining the Touch ID function, while the imaging system is upgraded to a rear dual-camera design. However, it is still uncertain whether the iPhone SE 3 will adopt a full-screen design, and the fingerprint sensor is likely to be prevented from being on the side of the fuselage.

Earlier it was reported that Apple will launch an iPhone SE model with side fingerprint recognition, which is likely to appear on the iPhone SE 3. As a result, the 6.06-inch body can still remain compact and one-handed. At the same time, Ross Young also revealed that the iPhone SE 3 will use screens provided by Sharp and JDI, and is expected to be an LCD panel screen.

The sales of the new iPhone SE this year are very hot, and Apple also plans to launch some cheaper models with a mid-range positioning, and the iPhone SE is one of them. It is said that this year's iPhone 12 mini will be more affordable in terms of price. The machine is expected to be released on October 13, so everyone can check it out.