Apple updated TestFlight 3.0 version: it can automatically update the internal test application

Today, Apple pushed the TestFlight 3.0 version update for users. The biggest upgrade point this time is that users can set to automatically upgrade apps that have participated in internal testing.

The TestFlight platform is a platform provided by Apple for developers to push the Beta version of the App. Users who love early adopters can enter the App’s test plan, so that they can receive the Beta version pushed by the App developer on the TestFlight platform, and enjoy the new features of the App faster.

In addition, there are also some App developers who use the TestFlight platform as a channel for official software installation. For example, some developers develop apps for specific groups of people, not for the general public. At this time, TestFlight has become a substitute for the App Store. .

In this update, TestFlight users can turn on the automatic update function of the internal test App. In the previous TestFlight version, users can only receive a prompt from the developer to push a new version, but they cannot automatically update. They need to enter the TestFlight App to manually click to update or install.

In addition to adding this new feature, Apple said that the upgrade also includes some bug fixes and updates to the underlying software, which will make TestFlight run more stable.