Apple Watch new patent exposure: provide tactile feedback through battery vibration

IT Home, January 29 news, according to foreign media appleinsider reports, Apple is studying how to move the battery of Apple Watch in order to provide tactile feedback to the wearer.

Apple recently published a patent for "Portable Electronic Devices with Tactile Devices with Mobile Battery Elements". The patent application says:

Generally speaking, electronic equipment includes one or more buttons or electromechanical switches for providing input. Some devices include a touch sensor or touch screen for receiving input. However, touch sensors usually lack mechanical feedback to warn the user that input has been responded to.

This patent is directed to a tactile device that can move its battery element to generate tactile pulses or vibrations along the outer surface of the device.

It can be seen from the patent diagram that the patent uses the vibration of the battery between the springs to produce tactile feedback. It is not clear whether this method can achieve the tactile feedback level required by the Apple Watch.

IT Home understands that the current Apple Watch uses Taptic Engine (haptic engine) to achieve tactile feedback, which takes up a large amount of space. If it can be replaced by battery vibration, it will be expected to increase battery capacity and then increase battery life. .

Author: Jiang Ge / internship Source: IT House