Apple watch series 4 LTE experience: Invincible and helpless

In the past two days, the studio has recycled an apple watch series 4 cellular data version (hereinafter referred to as aw4). With a playful attitude, I snatched it back to experience it. Before that, I didn’t have a cold about the smart wearable devices on my wrist. The third and fourth generations of Xiaomi Mi Bands I bought on impulse were able to produce a nest of millet Bands 5 after eating ashes at home. Speaking of it, this is my first serious experience with a smart watch.

Before that, I was completely unfamiliar with the apple watch product line. After a little understanding, I learned that aw4 has been removed from the official website, only aw5 is sold, and aw3 is on sale as an entry-level model. But in fact, it is the fourth generation, which is regarded as the biggest progress by fruit fans. After that, there are only minor changes in the products. The biggest improvement is that it supports the constant display of the screen, and uses ltpo technology to dynamically adjust the refresh rate, so as to keep the endurance of the whole machine at the same level as that of the fourth generation.

At the beginning, I would like to make a conclusion. Although I am not very fond of Apple’s hardware and software, I must admit that aw4 is a smart wearable device with a good experience for users whose main machine is apple. With LTE, it can become a truly independent tool. It is an important part of Apple’s ecology. The improved experience is commensurate with the price, but it is not necessarily the just need of everyone.

In terms of appearance, my aw4 dial is made of 40mm stainless steel and the strap is made of white silicone. After looking at the optional dial materials and strap styles of Apple watch, I firmly believe that one of the most important functions of AW is decoration. Compared with the aluminum alloy model, the stainless steel model looks more refined and capable, more business style, and the size of 40mm is very friendly to girls. The frame screen is not narrow, but uses a radian similar to 2.5D glass, which has a visual buffer. To some extent, the square dial, which was compromised to show more content, could be ignored.

There are not many holes in the body of the watch. The speaker is on the left and the crown and a button are on the right. Press the crown to call out all apps / return to the dial interface. Scroll up and down to turn pages / zoom. Short press button to open multitask interface. Long press to call SOS or shut down. The top stroke at the bottom of the screen turns on the shortcut switch, and the bottom swipe to check the notice. The operation logic is basically intuitive. It is very friendly to iPhone users.

The white silicone strap has been worn for three or four days without getting dirty because of sweating. But I’m afraid the old users are entitled to speak on how to use it for a long time. Although wearing comfortable, but I prefer nylon material, wearing feeling more light and breathable. It’s convenient to disassemble the watch strap, but for a person like me who doesn’t have much experience in wearing a watch for a long time, I still have to think about the pros and cons.