Apple will soon release iPhone 9 as productivity increases

On March 19, according to phonearena, Apple decided to release the iPhone 9 (SE2) soon. Last night, Apple's official website quietly updated a variety of chips, including the new iPad Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac mini. These products should have appeared at Apple's spring conference, but due to the epidemic, Apple cancelled the conference and switched to online On the shelves, and the rumored iPhone 9 did not appear on the official website.

Earlier media reports broke that Apple was indeed preparing the iPhone 9. It is reported that the iPhone 9 will adopt a design similar to the iPhone 8, with a physical Home button, support for Touch ID, a single camera, and an A13 processor. The most important point is that it is cheap. Phonearena predicts that the entry-level 64GB version will cost $ 399 (about 2811 yuan (USD $402) ) and 128GB will cost $ 449 (about 3163 yuan (USD $452) ).

Why Apple did not update the iPhone 9 last night is actually traceable. It is also because of the severity of the epidemic that Apple's multiple foundries were unable to deliver production on time and on schedule. Therefore, in addition to Foxconn and Pegatron, Apple is actively looking for other foundry manufacturers. It is reported that BYD is working with Apple to help increase production capacity.

At present, with the improvement of the domestic epidemic situation, most foundries have also resumed production. According to Foxconn, Foxconn has now fully restored production capacity. Therefore, Apple is considering re-launching the iPhone 9. After all, the A13 chip cannot be dragged after the release of the A14 chip in September. According to phonearena, Apple originally planned to release the iPhone 9 on March 31. If it goes well, we will see the iPhone 9 this month.