Apple WWDC 2020: IOS 14 major upgrade and self-developed chip coming

On June 23, at the WWDC 2020 global developer conference, apple officially released a new IOS 14, bringing a number of new features.


1. Plug in can be added to the main screen

In IOS 14, apple allows users to add small plug-ins to the main screen, display them with your application at the same time, and control the size and location of the plug-ins, such as adding weather, clock and other plug-ins to the main interface.

2. App resource base

This function can automatically organize the app into a new combination list and allow users to hide the application.

苹果 WWDC 2020:iOS 14大升级、自研芯片来了

3. Picture in picture

The picture in picture function supports the video to be stored on the main page in a small window mode, and can be dragged to any screen position to hide, while the small window supports the zoom of size.


The new Siri changes the way it is presented after the call out, no longer occupying the whole screen as before, but in the form of icons under the screen.

  5、App Clip

This function is a fast application based on card. Users can get applications without installing NFC tags. The size of each application is within 10m.

In addition to the above major changes and updates, Apple has built in translation program in IOS 14; redesigned SMS; Apple maps will support bicycle, add EV navigation function; Carplay supports more applications;

苹果 WWDC 2020:iOS 14大升级、自研芯片来了

  iPadOS 14

The new iPad OS 14 redesigns many apps, including photos and music support sidebar display, further expansion of calendar functions and rich music interface functions. The global search function supports finding contacts, documents, apps, etc.

苹果 WWDC 2020:iOS 14大升级、自研芯片来了

Apple notes app now supports handwritten text, Chinese and English, and can automatically identify mobile phone number, geographical location and other information.

苹果 WWDC 2020:iOS 14大升级、自研芯片来了

  WatchOS 7

Watchos 7 supports sharing the dial with others, while bringing more brand-new dial; the sleep monitoring function that people are looking forward to is finally reflected in watchos 7, which can draw a sleep quality chart for a period of time and give a sleep trend chart.

苹果 WWDC 2020:iOS 14大升级、自研芯片来了

Watchos 7 has also added the function of tracking hand washing; the activity application has been renamed fitness, and new exercise types such as dance, core training and cooling have been added. The hearing application has also been improved, with the addition of media. The map provides the riding route, and Siri can translate directly on the apple watch.

苹果 WWDC 2020:iOS 14大升级、自研芯片来了

  macOS 11.0 Big Sur

Many functions of MacOS 11.0 Big Sur are borrowed from Apple IOS, such as control center, mail, photos, search functions, etc. in addition, Apple has launched many new Mac catalyst applications.

苹果 WWDC 2020:iOS 14大升级、自研芯片来了

Apple silicon project

According to cook, Apple has been preparing for at least four years, and the core of the apple silicon project is to abandon Intel processor and use its own arm based A-Series chips.

苹果 WWDC 2020:iOS 14大升级、自研芯片来了

The above is the main content of WWDC 2020 global developer conference.