Apple's high-end noise-canceling headphones may release the most expensive 4,000 yuan (USD $571) at the end of this month

Obviously, AirPods has brought super rich income to Apple, and the actual sales of this series are already the best-selling new Apple products after the iPhone.

In addition to products such as AirPods and AirPods Pro, Apple also has to add a piece of its own brand of headphones, and it is AirPods Studio.The latest news shows that this new product will be released at the end of October, and it will be at the iPhone 12 conference this time. It is not expected to be unveiled.

Foreign media mentioned in the report that AirPods Studio may be released in the form of a press release at the end of this month. The sports version is priced at $350 and the high-end luxury version is priced at $599 (equivalent to RMB 4,000). The price is the same as the current Beats Studio.

As for another new product of Apple, AirTags, Apple has delayed its launch time, and it will not be released until March next year.

In addition to the active noise reduction function, AirPods Studio is said to have a wearing sensing function, which is to detect the wearing state of the earphones. After detecting that the earphones are taken off, the music playback can be automatically paused, and the music will continue to play automatically when you bring the earphones back. Quite in place.

In addition, the headset will also be able to be worn in different positions, such as the strap behind the user's head. In this case, the headset will adjust the direction of the touch surface in the earmuffs and interpret the input gesture accordingly. One of the biggest complaints from AirPods users is that they don’t support volume control. The user must use an iOS device or Mac to adjust the volume, or ask Siri to change the volume, which is not convenient.