Apple's new patent exposure, smart glasses may use wireless base stations to improve performance

Recently, a new Apple patent was exposed. According to the description of the patent, it is prepared for the upcoming Apple virtual display glasses in the future. It is reported that this patent is mainly developed to solve the large number of calculations required for the operation of augmented display and virtual reality systems, and will allow Apple’s virtual reality glasses to have a more complete function and experience.

The patent is titled “Relay base and base station with directional wave formation based on location information.” In the patent, Apple describes a head-mounted display with a wireless design, powered by a built-in battery pack, and computing The data is processed by the wireless base station. Simply put, the user’s operation is transmitted to the base station through low-delay wireless transmission, and then the base station transmits the calculated image to the glasses. The glasses themselves are only a relay and display device in the whole process.

Apple hopes to use this design to solve the problem of performance and portability, and to allow the product to run longer in a wireless state. At the same time, this patent also applies beamforming technology to strengthen the signal strength, maintain the stability of the picture and reduce interference, while reducing the power required for the operation of the base station and enhancing the privacy of the signal.

However, at least for now, this is just an initial idea of Apple. There are still many problems that need to be solved in order to be commercialized, such as the layout of base stations, transmission in complex environments, and how to keep the picture different when users move between different base station areas. It will be interrupted and so on, but at least it is a viable virtual reality wireless device solution.