Apple’s new products are equipped with MediaTek chips, no wonder it’s so cheap

In the middle of this month, Beats officially released its new true wireless Bluetooth headset Beats Studio Buds, which supports active noise reduction and the spatial audio function of Apple Music.

From the perspective of overall configuration and functions, Beats Studio Buds is very close to Big Brother AirPods Pro, but the price is only 1,099 yuan (USD $157) , which can be said to be very cheap compared to AirPods Pro’s official price of 1999 yuan (USD $286) .

In a recent article by well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, we can roughly understand the reasons for the lower pricing of Beats Studio Buds.

It turns out that Beats Studio Buds is equipped with MediaTek’s 22nm process TWS chip instead of Apple’s own 16nm process H1 chip.

The use of MediaTek’s TWS chip has shortened the development time of the product to a certain extent, and can also reduce the production cost, thereby making it more flexible in pricing.

In addition, Beats Studio Buds equipped with MediaTek’s TWS chip is better compatible with Android devices than AirPods Pro, thereby increasing market share.