Apple's new TWS headset exposure: equipped with MediaTek chip

Some time ago, Apple released the Beats Studio Buds, a TWS headset with a low to mid-range price, priced at only 1,099 yuan (USD $157) . It is now on Apple's official website and will start accepting orders on July 2. According to the latest news on June 30, Tianfeng International analyst Guo Mingchi broke the news that this headset is not equipped with Apple's self-developed 16nm process H1 chip, but is equipped with a 22nm process headset chip developed by MediaTek.

Guo Mingchi believes that the reason why the Beats Studio Buds uses MediaTek chips is to distinguish them from AirPods, which are cheaper and are mainly for consumers who pursue cost-effectiveness. Although Beats Studio Buds is cheap, the quality is not bad. It has Apple's professional tuning algorithm and supports ANC active noise reduction. This is a feature that AirPods and even the next-generation AirPods 3 may not support.

In addition, there is no difference between the use of Beats Studio Buds on the Android platform and the iOS platform. Both can switch the listening mode, check the battery level and receive firmware updates. The longest battery life can be up to 8 hours (with ANC active noise reduction turned off), the subsequent flight with noise reduction turned on is 5 hours, and the charging box can also provide another 10 hours of battery life.

From the perspective of configuration and function, Beats Studio Buds is a very cost-effective product. In addition, it is produced by Apple. Some consumers who are still waiting for AirPods 3 can make it directly. However, due to the use of MediaTek chips instead of Apple's self-developed chips, some consumers may not be satisfied.

In fact, MediaTek’s performance in the past two years is really good. Dimensity series of mobile phone chips have been widely recognized by consumers, and with the blessing of certain brands, they have successfully hit the high-end. MediaTek’s TV chips can also be evenly matched with brands such as Sony and Huawei. Now Apple’s headsets are also equipped with MediaTek chips. It seems that Fage has really risen.

For consumers, the more rising chip manufacturers, the better. Under the competition of these manufacturers, the performance of the chips will become higher and higher, and the price will gradually decrease. The pattern of the chip field has changed drastically in the past two years, which is a good opportunity for MediaTek to continue to hit the high end. With the advantage of cost performance, MediaTek became the highest-selling 5G mobile phone chip manufacturer in China last year.

The global economy is recovering this year and the popularity of 5G is accelerating. It is estimated that by the end of the year, MediaTek will have a lot of big moves to show consumers its strength.

Source: Lei Technology