Apple's next big move? iOS app is compatible with macOS system

According to the previous invitation, Apple will hold a new product launch conference at 2 am on the 11th. This is Apple's third press conference this fall. If not surprisingly, the self-developed processor using the ARM architecture and related Mac products will be the important highlights of this time.

At the same time, the official version of macOS 11 system should also be pushed in the near future. And just recently, macOS has appeared in the compatibility list of many apps in the iOS App Store.

For example, the above two softwares have been shown to be compatible with macOS 11 and later systems, but the compatibility list of one of them is more detailed.

During the previous WWDC, Apple has stated that Apple Silicon-based Mac products can not only run desktop software, but also directly run iOS and iPad OS applications.

At that time, Apple did not give a specific installation method, but based on the current situation, I think it is very likely to let the application go directly to the Mac version of the App Store. Of course, at this press conference, Apple should also introduce this aspect in more detail.

In addition, in recent years, Apple has greatly simplified the difficulty of porting iPad OS and Mac versions of software, and allowed users to obtain the right to use the Mac OS version after purchasing iOS applications. These all indicate Apple's determination to further open up the ecology.