Applicable to all iPhone12 series: Baseus Mini Magnetic Wireless Charger is on the shelves

In order to fully adapt to the four models of the Apple iPhone12 series, Baseus has withdrawn from a minimalist Mini magnetic wireless charger, which is divided into black and white, and the price is only 128 yuan (USD $18) . It can be said to be cost-effective. For my friends, it's perfect.

Baseus Mini Magnetic Wireless Charger adopts a 6.5mm ultra-thin design as a whole. It is magnetically aligned and can be accurately adsorbed with a "click". It can be said that there is almost no sense of existence when charging, and it can help you quietly. Fully charge.

During charging, in order to reduce the accumulation of heat on the charger's transmitter disk, Baseus Mini Magnetic Wireless Charger is made of tempered glass and aluminum alloy outer box. Among them, the aluminum alloy outer box plays a key auxiliary heat dissipation function, and the addition of tempered glass can further isolate the heat conduction to the mobile phone, making charging safer.

At the same time, Baseus has also adapted the transition animation of iPhone12 charging. At present, with the exception of Apple MagSafe and Baseus Mini Magnetic Wireless Charger, other wireless charging is not possible.

In other respects, the peak charging power of Baseus Mini Magnetic Wireless Charger can reach 15W, which is not only fully compatible with iPhone, but also capable of wirelessly charging other Android phones. It also has 9 safety protections, including overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, overtemperature protection, short circuit protection, undervoltage protection, power protection, overcharge protection, foreign object detection, and electromagnetic field protection. It can be said that all-round safety is achieved, and daily use can be assured.

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