ASUS Holds Autumn New Product Launch Conference & ROG DAY to help "Super Guangdong New Dimension"

On October 17, ASUS held the "Super-Cantonese New Dimension" 2020 Autumn New Product Launch at the release hall of 1850 Creative Park, Liwan District, Guangzhou, and simultaneously opened the ROG DAY fan carnival. Mr. Yu Yuanlin, General Manager of ASUS Computer Open Platform China, and Mr. Geng Jia, Product Manager of NVIDIA China, came to the scene and witnessed the high-energy moment of ASUS hard core “breaking the circle” and “super-Guangdong new dimension”.

At the beginning of the ASUS "Super-Cantonese New Dimension" conference, there were lion dance performances with unique regional and cultural characteristics, and street dance performances full of youth and vitality. The strong impact brought by the cultural collision not only refreshed the players, but also The entire conference set the tone for "surpassing". At the same time, the appearance of the futuristic XR video and the official two-dimensional image RO Ji also attracted a lot of players' praise. After Mr. Yu Yuanlin and the host wAwa appeared on the stage, this carnival ceremony also kicked off.

This ASUS autumn new product launch conference released a variety of Mobile Suit Gundam co-branded products and extremely powerful e-sports equipment. The hard-core "breaking the circle" also provides players with solutions for high-end e-sports experience. The conference site is divided into three exhibition areas: Gundam area, E-sports area and Wi-Fi6 area. Not only are many mainstream media and well-known UP hosts at station B actively participating, but professional players from the RW team and OMG team also passed ASUS gaming equipment on the spot. Enthusiastically interact with players and experience ASUS’s belief in e-sports "just for transcendence.

Gundam awakening, faith inheritance, double satisfaction of feelings and faith

For a long time, ROG Players Kingdom has been adhering to the "player-centric" brand concept, committed to creating more revolutionary and innovative products for players, and it has also become the e-sports belief of many players. As a youthful memory of a generation, Mobile Suit Gundam has always been the sentiment of many players. In order to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the broadcast of Mobile Suit Gundam, ASUS ROG, as a strategic partner of the "Gundam China Project", launched a number of This co-branded e-sports equipment, and three sets of ASUS Gundam Family Buckets were exhibited at the press conference, successfully breaking the Dimension Wall and bringing players double satisfaction with e-sports beliefs and Gundam feelings.

Yuanzu Gundam Edition ASUS Gundam Family Bucket uses the extremely cool-looking full-tower ROG STRIX HELIOS Helios Mobile Suit Gundam Edition chassis, matched with ASUS Z490 motherboard Mobile Suit Gundam Edition and TUF3-GTX1660S-O6GD6-GUNDAM Mobile Suit Gundam Edition graphics card, ROG STRIX RTX3090 Mobile Suit Gundam Edition graphics card has two choices, with powerful performance. At the same time, it is equipped with ROG STRIX LC Bailong 360 RGB Mobile Suit Gundam Edition integrated water-cooled radiator and ROG STRIX Snow Eagle 850W Mobile Suit Gundam Edition gold medal full-module power supply, with extremely excellent heat dissipation capacity and efficient and stable power supply, comprehensive protection The stability of the host, and the highly technological RGB lighting effect also greatly enhances the appearance of the whole family bucket.

This set of original Gundam version ASUS Gundam Family Bucket also uses the ROG STRIX XG279Q "Lore" Mobile Suit Gundam version gaming monitor equipped with Fast IPS panel. The fast and high-quality performance has attracted the attention of countless live players. In terms of peripherals, ROG Shadow Blade 2 Mobile Suit Gundam Edition gaming mouse, ROG Ranger TKL Mobile Suit Gundam Edition mechanical keyboard, ROG Prism Mobile Suit Gundam Edition gaming headset, ROG Thai blanket Mini Mobile Suit Gundam Edition mouse pad, and ROG Water Cup Mobile Suit Gundam The version also provides a very high appearance for this set of family buckets, which is very eye-catching.

The Zaku version of ASUS Gundam Family Barrel at the scene chose the TUF GAMING GT301 musket mobile fighter Gundam version case that has been loved by players before, with ASUS B550 motherboard Mobile Suit Gundam Edition and TUF3-GTX1660S-A6GD6-ZAKU Mobile Suit Gundam Edition The combination of graphics cards and the tough lines of the gaming agent series are in line with Zagu's style. At the same time, this family bucket is also equipped with TUF GAMING LC Icebreaker 240 RGB Mobile Suit Gundam Edition integrated water cooling radiator. Through the design of high-efficiency water pump + customized cooling fan, it brings higher heat dissipation efficiency and helps this family bucket to play. A higher performance.

In terms of display, this Zaku version of ASUS Gundam Family Bucket also uses the popular ASUS TUF GAMING VG27AQL1A King Kong MAX Mobile Suit Gundam Edition gaming display. The "red angular triple speed" design is quite classic. At the same time, this gaming monitor also comes with Zaku stickers, so players can DIY their favorite Zaku version of King Kong MAX.

Not only that, a set of Mini PC version of Zaku ASUS Gundam Family Bucket was also exhibited at the scene. The PA90 Mobile Suit Gundam Edition was paired with ASUS TUF GAMING VG27AQL1A Little King Kong MAX Mobile Suit Gundam Edition Gaming Display. The overall appearance is very eye-catching. It can burst out more powerful performance, and also save a lot of space for players, which is quite convenient. In addition, as the "spiritual skeleton" of the ASUS Gundam version of the e-sports family bucket, it is indispensable to mention the ASUS Wi-Fi 6 router RT-AX82U/RT-AX86U mobile suit Gundam version that was first released in the first half of this year. Ancient customized routers also appeared shiningly. Since the listing, Changhong has been selling well, and it has been loved by fans.

In addition, a ROG M12E motherboard Mobile Suit Gundam Edition was released, which not only has powerful performance, but also uses the red, yellow and blue classic Gundam color design to reshape the legendary RX-78-2. In particular, it has a fully-covered integrated water-cooled armor with customized color matching, all-metal material, integrated temperature sensor, and water inlet/outlet flow rate detection, leakage monitoring, etc., with professional heat dissipation software, which can fully release the 10th generation Intel Core processing The potential of the device to meet the demanding requirements of extreme overclocking. In addition, the armor also has an innovative 2-inch full-color OLED system display, which can be customized to display the Gundam animation after booting, relive the feelings, and stunning UC Universe Century! And real-time display of system information such as CPU temperature, frequency, fan speed, etc., as if you are inside the machine body, matching the machine body exactly.

The ROG STRIX RTX 3090 graphics card Mobile Suit Gundam Edition was also released at the scene. The overall design is derived from the classic Gundam RX-78. The main color is white. The surface adds red, yellow and blue classic Gundam color matching. Especially shining. The graphics card adopts the new NVIDIA Ampere architecture, with strong performance designed to meet the extreme performance needs of enthusiasts. The new generation of 24GB GDDR6X high-speed video memory can achieve unprecedented video memory performance. In addition, the heat dissipation of the graphics card has been reinstalled and upgraded, and it is equipped with three powerful axial fans to effectively reduce the temperature. The professional reverse fan design keeps the central fan and the fans on both sides rotating in opposite directions, greatly improving the heat dissipation efficiency. The high-strength body is inseparable from the advanced fully automated manufacturing process, which ensures the stability of the graphics card and provides reliable quality assurance for your graphics card! The rise of justice, the unique and powerful Gundam gaming graphics card, will work with the players to pretend to attack!

During the press conference, the well-known UP master of station B, "The King of Shrimp" came to the scene to bring a warm and touching Gundam video to the players, and exchanged memories and love for Mobile Suit Gundam with Mr. Yu Yuanlin, which also inspired The Gundam feelings of the on-site players.

New dimension gaming debut, feel the mystery of the RTX 30 era

With the release of NVIDIA RTX 30 series graphics cards, players' enthusiasm for RTX 30 series hosts continues to rise. In the e-sports exhibition area of the ASUS "Super Guangdong New Dimension" conference, Mr. Geng Jia, the product manager of ASUS’s close partner NVIDIA China, also visited the scene to explain the performance of NVIDIA RTX 30 series graphics cards to players. It also brought high-end e-sports solutions with 30 series graphics cards, which once again ignited the passion of players.

In order to unleash the extreme gaming performance of RTX 3090 graphics cards, the first set of solutions exhibited at this conference chose the first 360Hz ROG SWIFT PG259QN Super Dream gaming monitor and the new Ampere architecture TUF GeForce RTX™ 3090 O24G GAMING The graphics card, combined with NVIDIA's advanced Reflex gaming low-latency technology, can unlock the extreme gaming performance of 360Hz ultra-high refresh rate and 1ms GTG grayscale response time without pressure. In fast-paced shooting games such as Fortnite, it can provide players with a professional gaming experience.

For players with professional design needs and large-screen gaming needs, the solution of TUF GeForce RTX™ 3090 O24G GAMING graphics card with ROG SWIFT PG43UQ giant gaming monitor is very tempting. Ultra-high-definition 4K resolution + 144Hz ultimate performance, can present more vivid and exquisite graphics rendering, helping players to experience the immersive experience of giant screen, it is the best choice for players who pursue both picture and speed! At the same time, the RTX 3090 graphics card also supports editing videos and playing games at 8K resolution. The extremely shocking visual impact is also an ultimate enjoyment for players.

In addition, the RTX 3080 graphics card solution was also exhibited at the ASUS conference. Through the ROG STRIX XG27UQ with a 4K+144Hz configuration, the ultra-smooth and clear picture shows the power of TUF GeForce RTX™ 3080 O10G GAMING and ROG STRIX GeForce RTX™ 3080 O10G graphics cards in ray tracing and DLSS technology. Place. At the same time, the DSC technology on this gaming monitor also allows players to experience lossless 4K images with only one DP1.4 video cable, which is extremely convenient.

All on-site gaming solutions use the ASUS ROG Player Country Z490 motherboard, which is also the motherboard series of the 8K demo machine at the previous NV conference. ASUS Z490 series motherboards have three optimized black technologies such as AI smart overclocking, AI smart cooling, and AI smart network, which maximize the performance and bring players the ultimate gaming experience.

In terms of peripherals, the RTX 3090 graphics card and RTX 3080 graphics card are several heavy new products. Among them are ROG Prism S headsets equipped with upgraded chips and Ai noise reduction microphones, and also support MQA sound quality, ROG Magician 68-key wireless dual-mode keyboard equipped with smart touch bar touch bar, equipped with ROG's first own optical mechanical red The ROG Ranger RX gaming keyboard is equipped with IP56 waterproof and dustproof design. This conference is the first official appearance of these new products. Among the products already on the market, popular models such as the Shadow Blade 2 wireless mouse with a lightweight design and support for plug-in and replaceable micro-movement and the Magic Blade Standard Edition equipped with a separate joystick are also listed. In addition, the ROG Unicorn Qi headset holder with Aura Sync function and the ROG Flame Armor Qi mouse pad and other accessories not only support Qi wireless charging, but also create a very cool desktop gaming atmosphere for the conference site.

In response to the high popularity of the previous mobile hard disk box, this press conference launched the ROG STRIX ARION Phantom Mobile Hard Disk Box Youth Edition. According to player feedback, some accessories were streamlined, while retaining the original AURA SYNC Shenguang synchronization function. With the blessing of the Gen2 Type-C interface, it has both good looks and high performance, and has evolved into a cost-effective productivity tool!

Not only that, ROG's official two-dimensional image RO Ji and RO Ji-Sue Wu Zhan Ji also appeared on the scene at the press conference, and at the same time brought players a white family bucket console. The classic ROG STRIX HELIOS white Apollo case carries the ROG STRIX Z490-A GAMING blowing snow motherboard and the ROG STRIX GeForce RTX™ 2080Ti O11G WHITE graphics card. The Intel Core™ I9 10900K processor will also bring more powerful performance to players. .

At the same time, the combination of ROG STRIX Snow Eagle 850W power supply + ROG STRIX LC Bailong 360 RGB integrated water-cooled radiator can not only ensure the efficient and stable operation of the host, but also maintain the harmony of pure white in appearance. In addition, this white family bucket is also equipped with a ROG STRIX XG279Q "Lore" e-sports display, with fast and smooth game screen performance. In terms of peripherals, this white family bucket also chose the more outstanding ROG Prism white gaming headset, ROG Magician 68-key wireless dual-mode keyboard, ROG Shadow Blade 2 wireless gaming mouse and Lingyao AX6600 router. It has achieved the ultimate in both performance and appearance.

The fans also brought the newly released ROG CROSSHAIR VIII DARK HERO (hereinafter referred to as ROG C8DH) and TUF GAMING B460M-PRO (hereinafter referred to as ASUS B460 Heavy Gunner PRO). ROG C8DH is the latest masterpiece of ASUS ROG Players Country. It adopts all-black appearance and color, low-key luxury; further enhanced and upgraded power supply, equipped with 16 power supply modules (90A), a cooler cooling solution, and can easily release a new generation of Zen 3 processing The performance of the device, a fever-level weapon! The ASUS B460 Heavy Gunner PRO motherboard has a powerful 8+1 power supply module, a fast 2.5G network card, and a Type-C interface for the future, bringing players a future-proof performance experience.

Wi-Fi6 brand new gameplay, shocking new product 6 plus 6

2020 is of special significance to everyone, and it is also the first year of the Wi-Fi 6 era. As a leader in the router industry, Asustek introduced new Wi-Fi 6 routers for different consumer groups in the Wi-Fi 6 exhibition area of the "Super Guangdong New Dimension" autumn new product launch conference. At the same time, as a strategic partner of ASUS, China Telecom Guangdong Province has taken the lead in integrating ASUS WIFI6 routers into the gigabit package, so as to work together to bring consumers a faster gaming experience.

As the industry's leading high-end e-sports routing pioneer, facing a large number of hard-core e-sports players, ASUS co-branded the well-known game developer Ubisoft's popular "Assassin's Creed" game, which can be described as a double belief and double kitchen assembly. Aiming at the pain points often encountered in online games such as stuttering and slow feedback speed, the TUF GAMING AX3000 gaming agent x Assassin’s Creed joint version routing is created, providing a concurrent rate of up to 5400M, fully supporting advanced 4×4 160MHz ultra-wideband, and built-in NetEase UU The accelerator, through the combination of soft and hard, allows players to experience a more enjoyable competitive enjoyment in every battle.

Not only that, for more general mobile game, online game enthusiasts, and young students, ASUS launched the passionate RT-AX56U hot-blooded version, two eye-catching red double-knife design presents a strong fighting atmosphere. The router is equipped with a Broadcom 64-bit 4-core gaming chip, built-in Tencent online game accelerator and NetEase UU accelerator dual power, accelerating support for most popular competitive games at home and abroad. In addition, for players chasing literary and artistic atmosphere, ASUS also provides the white RT-AX56U youth version, presenting a more diverse selection.

For consumers of large-sized homes, ASUS recently launched the Lingyao Rubik's Cube MESH router set, which provides black and white two-color options. For general users, a zero-threshold APP guided installation is launched, the main and auxiliary routes can be easily connected with one click, and professional engineers are provided with free on-site installation and debugging services across the country. It is a Wi-Fi 6 intelligent connection with outstanding appearance, rare in the industry, and suitable for all ages. MESH routing products.

At this press conference, ASUS also set up a special NAS storage disk Wi-Fi 6 speed transmission experience area, for mobile game enthusiasts and professional players, equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus mobile platform and 144Hz flash touch screen ROG gaming phone 3 , ROG Ice Blade dual-screen notebook equipped with a 300Hz refresh rate main screen and a 4K resolution ScreenPad Plus touch screen secondary screen, ROG Magic 14-ACRNM limited edition notebook with cross-border cooperation with the top fashion brand ACRONYM®, equipped with a glacier cooling architecture 2.0, the ROG Gunshin 4Plus notebook, ASUS Mini PC PN50, which can ensure players to continue to play steadily and worry-free, and the new ASUS NAS AS6602T/AS6604 and ROG flagship "Octopus" router GT-AX11000 form a fast Wi-Fi 6Transmission combination, thanks to the exclusive access of the fast lane opened by the ROG tri-band 10G e-sports routing, it provides a new high-speed solution for file data transmission for modern video editing studios, music studios, and game production studios .

In addition, ASUS maintains close cooperation with Tencent and NetEase, the leading game companies in China. Many e-sports routers have built-in Tencent online game accelerator and NetEase UU accelerator to provide free national server game acceleration and high-quality foreign server speed-up experience. On-site guests can directly and intuitively experience the ASUS RT-AX56U Assassin's Creed Co-branded routing, which is similar to the TUF GAMING AX3000 Assassin's Creed Edition, which is another IP co-branded blockbuster product. The router and the game accelerator are coordinated to bring a significant improvement effect to the Nintendo Switch network game.

In addition to the extensive built-in Tencent online game accelerator in gaming routing products, at the Tencent gaming annual conference in August this year, Asustek also announced the joint creation of Tencent gaming customized version RT-AX82U gaming routing with Tencent. The golden pattern design of Tencent e-sports symbolizes the fighting spirit of e-sports. The co-branded router with 5400M concurrency rate and ASUS AURA lighting effect was also unveiled at the press conference.

During the press conference, Mr. Yu Yuanlin also connected to the flagship store of Mai Tmall and participated in the live delivery of goods. A variety of high-performance ASUS gaming equipment limited and super value discounts, the live broadcast room was very busy for a while.

With the enthusiasm of the players, the ASUS autumn new product launch & ROG DAY ended successfully. The joint name with Mobile Suit Gundam brings players the double satisfaction of faith and feelings. The debut of RTX 30 series graphics cards and many top high-end e-sports equipment also provides players with a hearty experience of fast e-sports. It proves once again that ASUS is a brand that keeps up with the trend and keeps young and enthusiastic at all times. At the same time, it is expected that ASUS will continue to surpass the old and bring forth the new as a pioneer in e-sports, lead the industry trend, and promote the development of e-sports.