ASUS, Zotac, EVGA show operating RTX 30 series graphics card official prices have risen

Recently, Asustek publicly announced that its graphics cards and motherboards will increase prices across the board. Among them, the graphics card will increase by nearly 20%, and the RX 6000 series and RTX 30 series have not run away.

After hearing the wind, Zotac and EVGA graphics cards have also started to increase prices, especially the RTX 30 series.

ZOTAC did not make any public statements. The price increase was carried out in a low-key manner, and it started in the middle of last month, with the highest rate reaching 20%, especially the RTX 3090 which was 2300 yuan (USD $329) more expensive within a month.

The following are the different quotations of Zotac RTX 30 series graphics cards on December 18, January 3, and January 13:

-RTX 3090: US$1550, US$1580, US$1900

-RTX 3080: USD 750, USD 780, USD 840

-RTX 3070: US$540, US$600, US$640

-RTX 3060 Ti: US$440, US$500, US$530

EVGA released a notice on its official website, saying that due to a series of reasons, EVGA decided to adjust the price of RTX 30 series graphics cards, which will take effect on January 11, and the price increase will be about $70.

For users who have placed an order but have not received the goods, EVGA promises not to increase the price, and the latest deadline is April 16.

EVGA also stated that it will do everything possible to reduce cost impact and control prices.