Audi and Ali deepen cooperation on intelligent driving

On the morning of November 24, Alibaba and Audi jointly announced the deepening of strategic cooperation. Audi's next-generation model platform will be based on AutoNavi’s navigation engine and service capabilities to customize a navigation system that meets the habits of Chinese users. The smart car assistant of the cat will upgrade the home-car interconnection capabilities to meet the diversified needs of Chinese car owners. In the future, the cooperation between the two parties will also be based on AutoNavi and Tmall's services and expand to other areas of the Alibaba economy. Promote innovation in the automotive industry.

As early as 2006, AutoNavi Maps cooperated with Audi on map data and other projects. In the past 15 years, AutoNavi's cooperation with Audi has covered map data, car navigation, open platform SDK, and online services.

Under the cooperation framework, AutoNavi will integrate its full capabilities including navigation software, navigation map data, and high-precision data for the first time, and cooperate with Audi based on a new generation of in-car entertainment system. AutoNavi will provide Audi with high-precision maps based on high-level autonomous driving functions, covering high-precision map data of national highways, urban expressways and roads in multiple cities. This function will be applied to Audi's next-generation vehicle platform.

At the level of in-car smart assistants, Tmall Elf has been cooperating with Audi's core car series since 2018, and has further deepened and upgraded the cooperation in the next generation of smart car system projects. Beginning in September this year, Tmall Genie's core capabilities in smart voice assistants, smart home assistants, life service assistants, and home-car interconnection scenarios can all serve Audi car owners in the form of built-in vehicles. Audi car owners can also use Tmall Wizard to call a large number of Alipay applets, order takeaways, recharge phone bills, voice shopping, express delivery and other convenient services in the car.

Liu Zhenfei, President of AutoNavi Group, said: “AutoNavi Maps and Audi have gone hand in hand for fifteen years, and they have been a solid partner in Audi’s localization innovation in the past 15 years. For the future of smart driving, AutoNavi Maps will support autonomous driving for the first time Its high-precision map capability and next-generation navigation technology are fully applied in Audi projects, providing full-link products and R&D support for Audi’s intelligent and localized innovation.” (Zhang Jun)