Available worldwide on November 12! Sony PS5 measured power consumption unprecedented in history

According to the news previously announced by Sony, the new Sony PS5 game console will be officially launched globally on November 12, which is this Thursday. It has top-notch hardware configuration and is compatible with over 99% of PS4 game content. It can be said to be overwhelmingly attractive, and it should be the most anticipated moment in recent years. And as the release time approaches, more details of actual use have been exposed. Now there is the latest news. Recently, digital bloggers have given the results of the machine in terms of power consumption.

According to previous media reports on the appearance, size, hardware and other aspects of the PS5, it is believed that users and media who pay attention to this machine have a certain basic understanding of the power consumption of this most powerful host in history. The blogger "Shu Maoshe" DF further gave the actual results of the power consumption of the machine. When running "Spider-Man: Miles Morales", the power consumption of the PS5 machine reached 200 watts, compared with The previous generations have increased a lot. You must know that the most powerful PS4 Pro before is only about 150 watts in 4K extreme mode.

In other respects, according to previously exposed news, the new Sony PS5 game console will provide two versions of optical drive and digital version without optical drive, equipped with AMD's custom 8-core Zen 2 CPU 3.5GHz (supporting frequency conversion). The graphics card is AMD's custom GPU with RDNA2 architecture. The frequency is up to 2.23GHz, supports 10.28 trillion floating-point operations per second, supports 120Hz/8K output, 3D sound effects, etc., and can be directly backward compatible with PS4 games. In addition, the company's CEO Jim Ryan also confirmed that among the thousands of backward compatible PS4 games, "99%" of the games can be played on PS5, and the expected lifespan of PS4 is up to 4 years.

It is reported that the new Sony PS5 digital version is priced at 399 US dollars, and the CD-ROM version is priced at 499 US dollars. It will be sold globally on November 12th. At that time, the Bank of China version and the price of the Bank of China should also meet with you. More detailed information, we will wait and see.