Avoid being stuck by Panasonic! Tesla will save Model 4000 by building its own battery factory

As the world's highest-selling pure electric vehicle company, Tesla also spent a lot of money on purchasing batteries. However, in order to further reduce the cost of power batteries, Tesla also has plans to make its own batteries.

Recently, we learned from online channels that Tesla and South Korea Hanwha Group signed an order for battery manufacturing equipment, preparing to produce their own power batteries.

As one of the most expensive components of electric vehicles, the decline in battery costs will bring more profit space to vehicle companies.

For this reason, regarding the battery price, Tesla and Panasonic have diverged greatly . Tesla hopes that Panasonic can further reduce the price of the battery, but Panasonic has limited concessions. At the same time, although Panasonic still provides Tesla with batteries, Tesla has begun to find more partners worldwide.

And, this is not the first time that the news about Tesla's self-made battery factory has been exposed. As early as February this year, Tesla has officially launched the "Roadrunner" power battery self-production plan, and the production line is located in Fremont, United States. Factory in the big desert.

Tesla said that the cost of Tesla's power battery after reaching large-scale production is only $ 100 / kWh. According to the data released by the investment institution UBS, Panasonic's current power battery cost is about US $ 111 / kWh, while the cost of the Ningde era power battery is US $ 150 / kWh.

This means that after Tesla completes the mass production of batteries, the cost of the entire vehicle will further decrease. Taking the domestic standard endurance version Model 3 as an example, it is equipped with a 52kWh power battery pack. Compared with Panasonic batteries, the cost can be saved by more than 572 US dollars (about 4000 yuan (USD $571) ) after using Tesla batteries .

In addition, in terms of battery manufacturing, Tesla also has a good technical reserve. In the last month, Tesla submitted a new patent to use a new battery lithium process to manufacture battery grades. This electrode can greatly improve the performance of the battery. According to the patent description, the life of this battery can support the vehicle to travel more than 1.6 million kilometers.