Awaited! The proactive version of ZTE Axon 30 may be released this month

In the first half of this year, ZTE released two models, the Axon 30 Ultra and Axon 30 Pro, both of which used a hollowed-out screen design instead of the rumored new under-screen camera technology, which made many netizens cry out.

This morning, a well-known blogger @数码闲聊站 said that ZTE will release a proactive version of Axon 30 under the screen in July.

Previously, ZTE mobile phone officially announced a promotional poster indicating that it will launch the second-generation mass-produced under-screen camera technology and under-screen 3D structured light technology.

According to ZTE, the under-screen 3D structured light technology has 3D face recognition and living body detection functions, which is more secure than traditional 2D solutions. In addition, the under-screen structure also allows the front of the phone to maintain its integrity, bringing a more shocking visual impression.

Now it seems that ZTE is likely to launch this new technology on the upcoming proactive version of ZTE Axon 30 under the screen.