Backlight, dark light shooting can also be so clear? Reno5 series AI video enhancement is too practical

As the final product of 2002, the OPPO Reno5 series, which focuses on portrait video shooting, showed us the characteristics that a 5G mobile phone should have in the new era. In the previous-generation Reno 4 series, OPPO introduced new features such as Live HDR backlight shooting algorithm, super night scene video, and opened a new track for mobile phone image shooting. In the Reno5 series, it also brought AI radiant video beauty and AI video New features such as enhancements not only established OPPO’s position in mobile phone imaging, but also pushed mobile phone shooting to a new level.

Since the birth of the Reno series, OPPO’s exploration of image shooting has never stopped. Whether it is zoom, anti-shake, anti-shake 2.0, night light shooting or today’s portrait shooting, the new products of the five-generation Reno series have brought excellent sales and Word of mouth. The Reno5 series can be said to be a masterpiece. On the basis of inheriting the excellent shooting functions of the previous generation, it has introduced OPPO’s self-developed FDF full-dimensional portrait video technology system, bringing both AI radiant video beauty and AI video enhancement. Great function.

It is reported that AI Huancai video beauty brings 296 feature points and eight-fold 100-level video beauty. It can provide AI recognition customization. Through 296 facial feature points detection, AI intelligently recognizes gender, age, ethnicity and other information. And through the separation of face white balance, AI skin color detection, face triangle model reshaping, AI zonal skin grinding, AI makeup and other functions to match the most suitable makeup solution, achieve more than 100 million different kinds of beauty No longer the same.

As for the video enhancement function, it is a combination of video super night scene and LiveHDR. Even in a dark or backlight environment, it can take clear and natural pictures. For shooting enthusiasts, the Reno5 series is undoubtedly new The shooting artifact in the era.

So how practical is the AI video enhancement function? Shooting at night best reflects whether the shooting ability of a mobile phone is up to standard. It can be clearly seen from the figure that when the AI video enhancement function is not turned on, the picture taken by the handheld Reno5 Pro is completely dark, and only the outline can be seen, and after the AI video enhancement function is turned on, the picture under the lens looks exceptional Clear, and you can observe subtle details.

In a backlight environment, Reno5 Pro’s performance is as stable as ever. In the comparison with iPhone 12, it can be seen that the picture taken by Reno5Pro has a more natural and bright picture than iPhone12. Thanks to Reno5 Pro’s AI video enhancement function and Live HDR algorithm, even in backlight, it can make the picture stable and bright.

All along, OPPO’s new products have never disappointed in image performance. This time, the Reno5 series is no exception. As a mobile phone for portrait video shooting in the 5G era, the addition of many new features brings great convenience to video shooting enthusiasts, and it is completely the most comprehensive at the moment. 5G thin and light shooting mobile phone.