Baidu automatic driving computing platform offline: it will take the lead in application

Recently, Baidu and Flextronics held a mass production offline release ceremony of Apollo computing unit (ACU). Baidu officially announced that the mass production automatic driving computing platform ACU was officially offline.

This mass-produced ACU hardware platform will be used in Apollo valet parking (AVP) self parking products jointly developed by Baidu and Weima in the second half of this year. Weima automobile will also become the first vehicle enterprise in China to mass produce AVP autonomous parking solution.

As for the research and design of ACU, baidu Apollo, together with several top partners in the industry, has applied Xilinx’s core processing chip, Infineon’s automotive security control processor, vector’s underlying software operating system, as well as the products of RTI, the world’s leading communication middleware supplier, and the services of Swiss re.

The landing of the vehicle model equipped with ACU hardware platform can realize Baidu AVP autonomous parking scheme, and realize remote collection and return, automatic search for parking space and autonomous parking through mobile terminals such as mobile phones. The landing of autonomous parking will be an important part of Baidu’s L4 level automatic driving technology.