"Baidu Geely" is here! Li Yanhong said that new models will be launched within three years

Baidu car making new progress!

Recently, on Baidu’s fourth quarter 2020 performance conference call, Baidu CEO Robin Li mentioned that the electric vehicle company joint venture with Geely has recently completed the establishment of a new brand and CEO. The overall project is progressing very well and plans to launch in the next three years. A new smart electric car.

But in order to maintain a sense of mystery, who is the CEO of Baidu Auto? What is the brand name? Li Yanhong did not disclose more information.

However, Baidu's autonomous driving business staff said to the outside that the specific progress of the cooperation may be announced in the next few weeks.

In fact, Baidu has been deeply involved in areas such as autonomous driving, connected cars, and high-precision maps for many years. On January 11, 2021, Baidu announced the establishment of an electric vehicle company with Geely Automobile to enter the automotive industry as a vehicle manufacturer.

It is reported that the newly formed Baidu Automobile Company will face the passenger car market, with Baidu holding 51% of the shares and Geely 49%. In the future, it will build its first model based on Geely's pure electric SEA vast platform, and Baidu's Apollo and other intelligent technologies will be rooted in it.

Baidu Automobile Company is independent of the parent company system and maintains independent operation. At the same time, Baidu will fully empower the automobile company with core technologies such as artificial intelligence, Apollo autonomous driving, Xiaodu car, Baidu map and support its growth.

Coupled with Geely's rich experience in car making, what kind of smart electric car will Baidu Automobile bring us? Let's wait and see.