Baidu Netdisk pushes "Free Download Card": 1:00~9:00 can download extremely fast

Although Baidu SkyDrive is one of the largest online disks in China, its speed limit for non-SVIP users is often controversial. Recently, Baidu Netdisk announced the launch of a free download card, priced at 8.9 yuan (USD $1) per month. After purchase, users can enjoy extremely fast downloads from 1:00-9:00 Beijing time. Currently, the service only supports Windows clients.

It is reported that only users who have subscribed to Baidu Netdisk SVIP can enjoy all-day extremely fast download privileges. However, the monthly fee of SVIP is as high as RMB 30, even when it is promoted, it is around RMB 20. Many consumers think that the price is too high. Therefore, for users who can accept night downloads, downloading the card during free time is also a money-saving trick.

In addition to limited-time download cards, Baidu Netdisk has previously launched single/single-day download coupons, with prices ranging from 1.9 yuan (USD $0) to 5.9 yuan (USD $1) , of which free time coupons are relatively cheap.

Baidu Netdisk has been looking for a suitable balance between server cost and user download and storage requirements. Whether it is downloading cards during idle time or reclaiming free space from users who have not logged in for a long time, these are measures to optimize resource allocation and improve the efficiency of idle resource utilization. Can you accept Baidu’s approach?