"Bangs" hasn't narrowed? IPhone12 real machine hands-on video exposure

With the approaching of Apple’s conference, the pace of exposure of iPhone12 is getting faster and faster. Recently, @Jon Prosser, a foreign science and technology expert, released a video of how to get started with the iPhone 12 Max.

From the video, we can roughly see that the bangs of the basic iPhone12/Max are not as narrow as the previous rumors, but the high refresh rate screen option does appear in the setting interface, and it can be inferred from the ripple on the screen This is an OLED display.

Regarding the iPhone12 Pro, @EveryApplePro also released its spy photos and confirmed that it has a 120Hz screen refresh rate. We see that even in the Pro version, the bangs are not significantly shortened.

In addition, in the camera settings, we also saw the LiDAR option, which is the lidar scanner. The technology was first equipped on the iPad Pro 2020 version, and its use was mainly laser ranging, and its accuracy was much higher than that of traditional infrared ranging, thus opening up unlimited possibilities for augmented reality. The promotion of lidar to the iPhone this time shows Apple’s attention and determination to deploy AR technology.