&Battle report of Honor 618: mobile phone and smart life products win the battle

At 0:00 on June 18, the final general attack of 618 was officially launched, and Honor had won a lot of Sales Champions in the previous stage. On the 618 day Honor , in the next city, in the latest war report Honor mobile phone won the 618 all platform sales champion, and Honor smart screen x1 55 inch won the double champion in sales and sales of Jingdong TV category, and Honor ; route and notebook also achieved good sales results. 618 flagship Honor ; hard core strength is overwhelming.

As can be seen from the battle report released by Honor mobile phone, as of 0:59 on June 18, it has won the sales champion of 618 platform and the accumulated Android mobile phone sales champion of Jingdong platform from June 1 to 18. &Nbsphonor & nbsp mobile phones can not achieve such results without highly competitive products. The sales volume of Honor is driven by the Honor 30 series, the Honor X10 series and the latest Honor PLAY4 series.

In terms of smart screen, the newly released 55 inch smart screen X1 won the top in terms of sales and sales of JD TV products, while the 65 inch smart screen X1 also won the top in terms of sales of tmall TV products.

Driven by the latest Honor route 3 launched by Honor , the 45 second sales volume of the whole platform of Honor route has exceeded 10000 units. The latest Honor route 3 supports wi-fi6 + to bring faster speed, and the sales speed of 618 is also fast. In addition, the sales volume of the notebook series of Honor in 5 minutes of the whole platform also exceeded 10000, which shows that the notebook products of Honor in 618 flagship are also popular.

Summarizing the whole intelligent life products of Honor, the sales volume of the whole platform exceeded 100 million in only 16 minutes. The 30 minute enjoyment of Honor’s intelligent tablet on 618 day exceeded that of last year’s 618 day, and the sales volume exceeded 10000 sets in only 50 minutes.