Beat iPhone 12 Pro! Honor V40 fluency wins first place in Master Lu's evaluation

On January 12, Master Lu released the latest mobile phone evaluation laboratory report. The report revolves around the user’s actual mobile phone experience, and subdivides perceptual perceptions such as “mobile phone fluency” and “how long does the phone get stuck” into quantitative data that can be visualized and compared. Among them, the Honor V40, with its fast response, stable performance, and long-lasting anti-aging ability, overwhelmed many high-end flagships such as Samsung Note20 Ultra, Xiaomi 10 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro, and became the MVP player in this evaluation report.

According to the report published by Master Lu, in the stable and smooth test, the average response delay of Honor V40 is only 155.1ms (milliseconds), the average completion delay is only 541.02ms, and the fluctuation data is only 9.02ms, which is a big advantage. Leading the Android camp products such as Samsung Note 20Ultra and Xiaomi 10 Pro, and beating Apple’s flagship iPhone 12 Pro, which is known for its smoothness, showing excellent basic hardware performance and software tuning capabilities.

Generally speaking, after the user clicks on the App on the desktop, the phone can quickly respond and smoothly expand the animation to enter the App interface, and the speed of page switching inside the App, to a large extent determine the user’s perceived “system fluency”. The three test data of Honor V40 are the shortest, which shows that this product responds quickly, has high sensitivity, and performs very stable.

In addition to quick response, another key factor that determines the “smoothness” of the user’s perception is whether the animation effect of the mobile phone is smooth and does not drop frames during the process of starting the App. According to Master Lu’s evaluation report, through multi-dimensional testing of indicators such as frame loss rate, maximum frame change speed, smoothness, etc., thanks to its leading tuning capabilities, Honor V40 leads the Android camp in the motion test project. 10 Pro is very good, even reaching a level of smoothness that is indistinguishable from the iPhone 12 Pro. This means that when users open the App through the Honor V40, not only can they get quick response feedback, but they can also see smooth and smooth animation transition effects.

It is worth mentioning that there is a relatively obvious shortcoming of Android phones compared to the iPhone before, that is, the performance will be significantly reduced after 1 to 2 years of use, and daily use will give users a “stuck” feeling. In response to this problem, Master Lu also conducted a related quantitative data test-the aging report test.

It can be seen from the test report that Honor V40 achieved the highest score of 10157.1 in the absolute performance and aging rate test after aging, and the test item aging rate is only 3.42%, which is much higher than the flagships such as Xiaomi 10 Extreme Edition and Samsung Note20 Ultra. model.

Moreover, in terms of the average aging rate of the test items, the Honor V40 is only 3.42%, which is also far below the 100.49% of the Samsung Note 20Ultra and the 63.86% of the Xiaomi Mi 10 Extreme Edition. The excellent anti-aging performance of Honor V40 means that users will no longer need to worry about the long-term use of the carton.

According to Master Lu, Honor V40 is particularly outstanding in the overall performance of this issue. It performs very comprehensively in various projects, and there is no obvious shortcoming, especially the fluency shown in daily application scenarios such as WeChat, Taobao, QQ music, etc. Exceptionally excellent. Compared with the iOS system, the Honor V40 based on the Android system can have such a good performance at the UI level, thanks to the excellent performance and debugging fit of the hardware and software. It can be expected that Honor’s strong R&D capabilities in the past have been well inherited. The press conference on January 18 is worth looking forward to more.