Beats Flex wireless headphones on Apple's official website, priced at 399 yuan (USD $57)

In addition to the upgrade of the product itself, the just-released iPhone 12 also made a big change, canceling the standard headset. It is undoubtedly an inconvenient thing for users who do not have Lightning earphones or wireless earphones. It just so happened that a Beats Flex wireless headset was put up on Apple’s official website, priced at only 399 yuan (USD $57) , which is currently Apple’s cheapest wireless headset.

Beats Flex adopts a neck-hung design, and the earplug part supports magnetic attraction. The buttons on the headset support adjusting the volume, controlling music, answering calls or activating the voice assistant.

In terms of sound quality, Beats Flex uses a dual-room acoustic design and a proprietary layered drive unit to achieve excellent stereo separation and rich and accurate bass response. At the same time, it also enhances the listening experience by optimizing the arc of the drive unit and the digital processor.

Thanks to the built-in Apple W1 chip, Beats Flex can seamlessly integrate with Apple devices, and support all functions such as proximity connection, iCloud synchronization, seamless switching between multiple devices, and audio sharing.

For users who plan to buy the iPhone 12 series and do not have a headset to match, the 399 yuan (USD $57) Beats Flex is undoubtedly a low-cost choice in the ecosystem.