Beautiful appearance! Dell will launch the white version of XPS 15?

A few days ago, foreign media reported that Dell will launch its first white version of XPS 15 in the summer, named frost dew white. The new product will continue the classic XPS series of extremely narrow border design with 4K physical anti blue light screen. Of course, the biggest highlight is that the palm support surface adopts all white silicon fiber material design, while the texture is still the same, the whole machine’s color burst. According to the news forecast, the new product is expected to be launched in August, but there is no official announcement, and the price is unknown.

As we all know, Dell’s XPS series has always been popular with consumers for its high appearance, ultra-thin and extremely narrow frame design. During CES 2020 at the beginning of this year, Dell launched the 2020 version of XPS 13 (9300) in black and white colors. However, it did not disclose the notebook of XPS 15 series, and it was not until the last update of XPS The 15 series has been around for a long time, so the release of XPS 15 is still very anticipated.

According to information disclosure, the new white version of Dell XPS 15 uses a 16:10 four sided narrow full screen, accounting for 92.9% of the screen. With a wide gamut of up to 94% P3, 500 nit brightness and hdr400 certification, it gives you more accurate highlight and color presentation.

It can be seen from the pictures of the new products that the XPS series, which has been winning with exquisite details, has been more amazing in appearance this time. Just looking at the spy photo editor, I want to say that it is too little. It is not too much to say that it is the most beautiful 15 inch white notebook on the market.

For the new product of Dell XPS 15 exposed this time, although it has not been officially publicized, it is also a matter of fact. Do you expect such a high appearance, delicate and light appearance?