Before the release, major media contended that this time the Huawei P40 series is stable again?

In a few hours, the Huawei P40 series, which the entire industry is paying attention to, will officially meet with you. In the past month or so, Huawei P40 has become a well-deserved focus in the mobile phone circle. Huawei's years of hard work has long established the P series as the king of Android phones. Many media have followed up and reported this product, and it is not beautiful.

From the articles written by the media, the author randomly selected several articles in the search results. One of them, "The King of DxO stabilized the Huawei P40 Chinese Mainland License Edition," gave his own expectations in advance, and Huawei continued in 2019. The P series dominates the field of mobile phone photography. The P30 Pro has won the nickname of a telescope mobile phone with a 50x super zoom. The Huawei P40 photography capability has been upgraded again. The DxO domination seems reasonable. is even more clear-cut. This article, "Releasing that Huawei P40 continues to enter the countdown netizens: it depends on the price." This article is even more direct. Netizens' full expectations of this product have overflowed the screen. Li Jiaqi's Standard Words: Buy It! Wonderful sight.

Compared with the above two media, Pacific Computer Network is more focused on the technology attributes of the product itself. The keywords of the 3D face unlock module have attracted everyone's unanimous attention. In the important stage of the evolution of payment methods from fingerprints to face recognition, What kind of 3D face recognition technology Huawei will bring and what security guarantees will it bring to secure payment are also worth looking forward to.

Sina Finance explores another value of the Huawei P40 series from another dimension. The "Emperor Edition" speculation coincides with Huawei's high-end Porsche strategy in recent years. It is still inconclusive whether the "Emperor Edition" is named. However, in view of the high premium capabilities of some previous products, it is indeed possible to launch the "Emperor Edition" to establish a high-end brand sense.

On today ’s headline platform, the views of the media and KOL are also optimistic. Zhongguancun has taken a look at the new highlights of P40 and gave a speculative long picture. has come up with the ultimate configuration sheet and the photography media Out of the P40 series "full-time ultra-clear", the meaning, drive home from the perspective of the user to explain the upgraded version of the mobile phone clone, IT168 is the product of the year as the king of the machine.

You know, the product that made the release of a product a digital fanatic's collective carnival is still Apple in the hands of Jobs. Today, Huawei is writing its own history with its leading R & D and innovation capabilities.

For the entire industry, Huawei P40 is more than just a product. It is more like a national idol in the digital circle. The improvement of the configuration is only a basic operation. The underlying content, the technological strength it gathers, and the research and development story behind it. The value of the group it represents is even more talked about by the users and the media. When a product becomes a benchmark for the entire industry, such a technology icon will naturally win everyone's respect.


Now, there are still a few hours before the launch of the Huawei P40 series, let us hold our breaths together, keep our attention, and together witness the arrival of a new generation of fashion and image-oriented flagships of the year.