Beijing issues 20000 new energy passenger cars to “car less families” with target to apply on August 1

According to the information released by Beijing Municipal Office of passenger car index regulation and management, with the approval of the municipal government, 20000 new energy passenger car indicators will be issued at one time this year, all of which will be allocated to eligible families. If the number of families applied for is less than 20000, the remaining quota will be allocated to individuals waiting for new energy bus indicators in the 6th issue of 2020.


According to reports, families applying for the one-time additional issuance index should identify a family head applicant, participate in the indicator allocation on behalf of the family and act as the indicator holder in the future. Other family applicants may include the spouse and children of the principal applicant and the parents of both the principal applicant and his / her spouse. The total number of family applicants should not be less than 2.

All the additional issuance indicators are configured according to the total points of the applicant families. The total family points are calculated as follows: the total family points are made up of the points of each family applicant. The family applicant points are composed of basic points and step (waiting) points. Among them, the basic points of family head applicants are 2 points, and the basic points of other family applicants are 1 point per person. If a family applicant has participated in the ordinary index lottery, one point will be added to each step according to the accumulated number of steps; if the household applicant is waiting for new energy index, one point will be added for each full year from the deadline for declaration, and the part less than one year will be calculated as one year, and the accumulated ladder number of previous lottery will be added; if not, no additional points will be added. Step (waiting) points are calculated at 24:00 on August 20, 2020.

Before the completion of the allocation process of additional issuance index, the family applicants with the top 20000 points ranking are not allowed to participate in any form of passenger car index allocation in this city. In addition, the municipal public security population management department and the civil affairs department will check the family applicant’s kinship relationship for the top 20000 families in the ranking of points, and feedback the verification results before September 30.