Beitong Asura 3 gamepad is about to debut, the handle function will be fully upgraded

Since BEITONG exposed the "3-year agreement" poster the day before yesterday, this new product has been sought after by many players, and players have expressed their desire to see the truth. According to Beitong official news, this new product is exactly the long-awaited "Asura 3 gamepad"!

According to the latest news, the Beitong Asura 3 gamepad, as an upgraded version of the Beitong Asura 2 gamepad, will follow the competitive positioning of the series, and the functions will be completely upgraded.

The upgraded project has not announced more news yet. The editor tried to make some guesses based on the Ashura 2 gamepad. Let’s take a look at it.

Event-level ALPS gaming joystick

The previous generation of Asura 2 gamepad is equipped with the original imported Japanese ALPS gaming joystick, which is very sensitive to steering. The joystick is a big possibility if the Asura 3 gamepad is to be upgraded. In order to highlight its competitive positioning, the accuracy is likely to be upgraded again and add more customization space.

Action button & burst function

Combined with Beitong’s Zeus Elite gamepad, the action buttons of the Asura 3 gamepad may also use mechanical buttons. After all, the trigger speed of mechanical buttons will be faster than traditional conductive adhesive buttons, and the feedback of the feel is clearer. It is an indispensable good partner for competition.

Stronger burst function can not only reduce the burden of mechanical operation, but also gain greater advantages in competition.

Multi-stage NOBLE linear trigger

The imported NOBLE linear trigger of the original Asura 2 gamepad is already very good. But now there are more types of games that can be used for competition, so the trigger of the Ashura 3 gamepad is likely to use a Hall switch with a better feel.

In addition to the above-mentioned frequently used hardware parts, the firmware and supporting software of the handle are also likely to be the target of the upgrade, because this is just a part of the smart game that Beitong focuses on.

I believe that with the exposure of more information about the Beitong Asura 3 gamepad, this competitive gamepad will surely bring us gamers more surprises.

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