Belkin iPhone 12 MagSafe accessories announced, appeared at the Apple conference

The iPhone 12 released a few days ago upgrades wireless charging to MagSafe, which not only provides a magnetic design, but also increases the peak power to 15W. With the help of magnetic attraction, MagSafe can bring a lot of creative gameplay, such as the two accessories mentioned in the Apple conference.

  • Belkin MagSafe 3-in-1 wireless charging stand

This accessory is divided into two parts. The base supports wireless charging and can charge AirPods; there are two bracket-style wireless charging on the top, the left side can be used for 15W magnetic wireless charging for iPhone 12, and the right side can be charged for Apple Watch.

MagSafe three-in-one wireless charging dock is available in black and white versions, priced at US$149.99 (1010 yuan (USD $144) ), and will be available this winter.

  • Belkin MagSafe Car Mount PRO

The exhaust clip on the back of the accessory can fix itself to the air outlet of the air conditioner. Thanks to the powerful magnetic module, the iPhone 12 can be safely fixed even on bumps in the road. Thanks to the rotating design, users can easily switch between horizontal and vertical screens. However, this accessory is only a magnetic design and does not support charging.

MagSafe Car Bracket PRO is priced at 39.95 US dollars (267 yuan (USD $38) ) and will be available this winter.

In addition to third-party accessories, Apple itself also provides a variety of MagSafe accessories, click here to review.