Benchmarking Microsoft? Hand in hand, Huawei is about to launch a domestic PC operating system

March 30 news, recently there is news that Huawei is about to launch a new PC system with deep cooperation. I believe that some people don't know much about this company, but the company's strength cannot be underestimated. It has many professional R & D teams and the company is still an old partner of 360, Kingsoft and Netease.

It is understood that Huawei is very confident in the upcoming in-depth release of the PC system, and will initially ship at least 600,000 domestic PCs. Different people hold different views on this approach. Some people think that Huawei, as a leader in the mobile phone industry, is reasonable in its initial positioning, which also shows Huawei's confidence in the strength of the system; however, some people think that the new operating system will definitely be just launched Facing various difficulties, it is very likely that fewer people will pay for the shipment of 600,000 units.

Although currently we are not sure what features and design of the new PC system. However, combined with the performance of Deepin in the industry, the user base of Deepin is still very large. What kind of spark will the strong and powerful alliances spark? Let us wait and see!

What operating system is the computer you use? Comments are welcome.

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