BenQ smart business series projector push 5 new products

Since ancient times, those who have won the hearts of the people have won the world! In the field of brand, an important factor for the strong to remain invincible for a long time is to listen to the voice of users. Every function upgrade and every design innovation, the underlying logic comes from the actual needs of users. In order to gain the sincerity of users, we should be anxious.

Since the launch of the first intelligent projector E500 for business office in 2016, BenQ intelligent e series has continuously listened to the voice of consumers, honed the products from the pain points and needs of consumers, and gradually realized the full bloom of intelligent business projection. At the end of July 2020, BenQ launched new E-Series products e592, e590, e582, e530, E330, and verified the brand attitude with practical actions. Intelligence is not the pronoun of high-tech, powerful, cool and cutting-edge. The intelligence of E-series is based on user needs and user experience. It is intelligence that knows you, understands you and makes you.

Evolution of BenQ e series projector

From 2016 to 2020, five years after its birth, there were several important nodes on the way to upgrade the E-Series. In 2016, BenQ launched the first generation classic model E500, which changed the current situation that there was no intelligent projection in the business conference room; in 2017, it improved the layout of intelligent commerce series, launched e580, E540, E520 and other products with different specifications and focuses; in 2018, it focused on full platform wireless projection, upgraded compatibility and flexibility, and produced e580t, e540t, e520t and e320t Each evolution makes the wireless projection screen more compatible and more comprehensive in specification and layout, bringing better user experience and more professional products and services.

Now new products break through again, explaining the new meaning of intelligence. Not only dual frequency and dual WiFi, but also fully compatible with quad screen, voice remote control, and brilliant picture quality, the intelligent upgrading road of conference room is more smooth and unimpeded.

Born on demand, deepening intelligence

Intelligent service to people, it needs to know people’s hearts and control the details. Before this, although the functions of intelligent business models are increasingly perfect, there is still room for improvement in image quality and user experience.

For example, once the built-in WiFi hotspot is connected to the wireless projection device, it will temporarily be unable to access the Internet, and there is only one transmission channel. If it encounters a jam, it will affect the stability of the meeting. Now, the E-Series new products have built-in dual frequency and dual WiFi, which can connect the built-in hot spots for screen display, and surf the Internet without worry, so as to facilitate real-time retrieval of information during the meeting and discussion; dual channel signal switching increases fault tolerance and improves the smoothness of use.

In terms of image quality, in addition to covering different resolutions, e590 and e592 achieve WUXGA wide screen ultra-clear resolution higher than 1080p Full HD, and the picture details are more plump.

Wireless projection has also been upgraded again. The whole platform wireless screen projection can be displayed through powerful four screen function, which not only splits four screens at the same time, but also can be accessed wirelessly through different devices, such as Android, IOS, MacOS and windows at the same time. You can carry your devices as you like in meetings.

For users who are not satisfied with one button wireless screen projection, the new e series also provides a more “lazy” operation mode – voice remote control. Built in intelligent voice assistant, the mission will be achieved with a light talk.

Some brands work silently, pay attention to the humanized design, continue to pay attention to the needs of users, and listen to the voice of users. They may not be seen so quickly, but it takes more and more time to feel the depth of effort. BenQ has been practicing this concept, and has been ranked the first in the global DLP projection market for 11 consecutive years. According to futuresource 2009-2019 data), inject vitality and contribute energy to the projection market with action.

Five years after its debut, the smart commerce series projectors have been tested step by step. Behind them, there is an important concept behind them: make sure you understand your smart machines. Five years ago, in the business space, we could hardly see intelligent machines suitable for conference. Five years later, with the growth of e-series, the choice of conference users has become increasingly rich, and the intelligent conference experience has made a qualitative leap. Business spaces of different industries and specifications can find their own intelligent choices from E-Series. And BenQ e series new products, the pace will not stop, is about to start a new journey.