Bentley CEO reveals: Mulsanne may stop research and development of hybrid SUV to become the new flagship of the family

Recently, according to foreign media reports, Bentley CEO Adrian Hallmark revealed that Bentley decided to abandon the research and development of the next generation of Mulsanne and hinted that it would likely use a new plug-in hybrid SUV. As the brand's flagship model.

Adrian Hallmark said in an interview: "When I joined Bentley 20 years ago, our flagship, the large four-door ultra-luxury sedan, was elegant and sold about 1,200 units a year. But Mulsanne's current annual sales have been It fell to about 550. "

He believes that the taste of Bentley's target customer group is currently changing, and people are more inclined to buy SUV models. At present, the sales of Tim Yue (including plug-in hybrid models) have accounted for 47% of the brand's sales.

In fact, it's not just Bentley. Even supercars like Lamborghini haven't escaped the SUV's "truth law."

According to the latest statistics, Lamborghini delivered 8,250 units worldwide last year, and Urus, the first SUV model alone, accounted for 4,926 units, becoming the sales model of Lamborghini.

It is reported that Bentley may replace Mulsanne's flagship position with a new SUV model positioned on top of Tim Yue. This model is likely to use a plug-in hybrid system and is expected to be launched around 2025. Let us wait and see.