Bentley plans to launch its first pure electric model in 2026

Bentley pure electric models are coming!

According to overseas media reports, Bentley Motors announced a three-year research project with the core of “renovating the powertrain of electric vehicles”. The goal is to launch the first pure electric Bentley model by 2026. Tyrants, do you accept it?​

Earlier at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, Bentley launched the Bentayt PHEV version, which shows that Bentley’s electrification strategy has been launched, and we have also seen the prototype of the Flying Spur hybrid version have begun testing.

The CEO of Bentley once revealed some of Bentley’s future new energy plans. Among them, pure electric vehicles will be launched in 2023. It seems that pure electric vehicles will land 3 years later than the previous plan.

Foreign media speculated on the market performance of Bentley fuel vehicles. In addition to ensuring luxurious configuration and decoration, Bentley pure electric vehicles have excellent performance and sports car-like handling, and are priced at more than £150,000.

At the same time, the official announced that Bentley is currently cooperating with many professional companies in the fields of motors, gearboxes and electrification. The electric drive system does not contain rare earth magnets and copper windings, so that the company can develop a “cost-effective and recyclable” The product.