"Best deal" Wi-Fi 6 routing! Huawei routing AX3 price range exposed

Today is an information age and the development of communication technology is changing with each passing day. We fully enjoy the dividends brought about by our lives and work. Especially when Wi-Fi 6 is coming, the home network will usher in a change.

Recently, Huawei held a Wi-Fi 6+ online technical communication meeting and introduced the latest and most powerful Wi-Fi 6 solution-Huawei Wi-Fi 6+. The Huawei AX3 series, which was released earlier, has taken the lead in carrying this technology, bringing innovative improvements to users' wireless Internet experience.

Wi-Fi 6 major contributors technological innovation, Huawei Wi-Fi 6+ is invincible

Wi-Fi has become more and more a necessity for people to live and work. With the advancement of science and technology and the increase in demand, Wi-Fi technology has evolved to the sixth generation technology. At present, the devices connected by the same route in the home scene are increasing year by year. The average number of Wi-Fi devices in the home will reach 12 in 2019, which poses a great challenge to the current wireless network. Therefore, Wi-Fi 6 technology came into being. 2020 is the first year of Wi-Fi 6 technology. Major manufacturers have begun to make efforts in the field of Wi-Fi 6.

In fact, Huawei began investing in routing chips as early as 2003. With its strong self-research capabilities, Huawei has continuously led the development of the industry. In 2019, Huawei routing's annual shipments reached 12 million +, and annual sales increased by 139% year-on-year. Online sales above 200 yuan (USD $29) accounted for the largest market share, which means that Huawei routing occupies the mid-to-high-end routing market. Absolute share advantage.

Huawei has submitted 240 technical proposals during the Wi-Fi 6 standard formulation process, and is a major contributor to Wi-Fi 6 technology. It is based on a deep understanding of the two major technologies of 5G and Wi-Fi 6, that Huawei can further innovate on the basis of Wi-Fi 6, and launch Huawei Wi-Fi 6+ solution based on self-developed chip collaboration.

It is understood that Huawei has launched the world's first complete Wi-Fi 6+ solution. Among them, Kirin W650 will be used in Huawei mobile phones, Pads, smart screens and other terminals, and Lingxiao 650 will be used in routers. When Kirin W650 is equipped with Lingxiao 650 Wi-Fi chip, it will give full play to Huawei's end-to-end advantage-innovative dynamic narrow bandwidth technology, which can dynamically adjust the bandwidth in Wi-Fi weak signal scenarios and connect under the same Wi-Fi signal More stable, Wi-Fi performance can be increased by 6dB. Compared with other Wi-Fi 6 devices without dynamic narrow bandwidth in the industry, it wears one more wall. Supports HiEX® mobile phones and routing end pipes to improve dynamic anti-interference ability. Wi-Fi air interface latency is reduced by 50% in gaming and education scenarios, which greatly eliminates business fluency and stuttering in interference environments, and achieves the best ultra-fast network experience in all scenarios through the collaboration of mobile phones and routers.

Equipped with Huawei Wi-Fi 6+, Huawei routing AX3 makes home network comparable to 5G

Huawei Wi-Fi 6+ technology is designed to solve the network challenges facing Chinese families. This also makes Huawei routing AX3 series comparable to 5G in speed and more grounded. It is equipped with Lingxiao 4-core 1.4GHz CPU, which is the most powerful 3000MWi-Fi 6+ router, which can better serve the Huawei terminal ecosystem. At the same time, it has achieved an extremely large bandwidth of 160Mbps, which can be used to penetrate one wall in response to the wall thickness of Chinese homes. The actual throughput rate can be as high as 1.8Gbps, compared with other 80MHz Wi-Fi 6 devices. It is twice as fast; for Wi-Fi 5 terminal device connections, the Huawei Routing AX3 series also doubled its speed.

For more and more terminals connected devices in modern homes, Huawei's routing AX3 series uses Wi-Fi 6 intelligent frequency division to allow multiple devices to share the same channel resource. 2.4GHz supports 4 concurrent, 5GHz supports 16 concurrent, maximum total access The number of devices can reach 128, and under the powerful processor performance processing of Xiao Quad-Core 1.4GHz CPU, it can effectively reduce the load and ensure the smooth connection of multiple devices. In addition, in the face of important application scenarios, AX3 also has the capability of business acceleration, which can intelligently identify heavy network usage scenarios such as mobile games, online e-learning, and remote office to start the accelerated experience.

When using routing, complicated connections are a headache for many people. The Huawei Router AX3 series supports one-touch networking. For Android phones that support NFC, just touch the Huawei Router AX3 series, and you can easily connect to Wi-Fi without entering a password. This function is very suitable for the scene of guests visiting. In the scene of friends gathering, the elderly surfing the Internet, and the restaurant and restaurant life, you can connect at a touch, and users do not need to share complicated Wi-Fi passwords.

The powerful Huawei Wi-Fi 6+ and many innovative features are all in one. The Huawei Router AX3 has attracted a lot of attention where it was released. According to Huawei ’s senior management, the price range of this router will be below 500 yuan (USD $71) . Compared with the current price of Wi-Fi 6 routers above 1,000 yuan (USD $143) , it will inevitably trigger a round of buying boom.

In all scenarios built by Huawei 1 + 8 + N, Wi-Fi routers play an extremely important role as a connection center. "No connection, no intelligence", providing a simple, high-speed, stable, and secure Wi-Fi connection is a necessary condition for enjoying a high-quality smart home, and it is also Huawei's long-term strategy for routing. With the support of Huawei Wi-Fi 6+ and Lingxiao Wi-Fi 6 chips, the Huawei Routing AX3 series has achieved 100% coverage, a high-speed, stable and easy-to-use five-star home network experience throughout the house, and a smart and relaxed home The network revolution is about to begin!