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Mobile office is now a very common way of working. We can often see some elite working with laptops in the coffee shop, airport waiting room or high-speed railway. In order to deal with and complete the work in time, they must keep working at any time. For people with high demand for mobile office, a portable notebook can greatly reduce the burden of work. HP star series 14 X360 variant 4G LTE version happens to be such a product. It has a fashionable, durable and portable body, supports touch flip screen and 4G LTE Internet, can let you anytime, anywhere, unrestricted for office, Internet, learning and creation, is an indispensable good partner in mobile office.

Smart flip thin fuselage, with the strength of beauty

As a lightweight notebook product, the body weight of star 14 X360 deformation book is only 1.61kg and is as thin as 18mm. It is easy to carry in daily life, and there is no heavy burden on the backpack or hand. Star 14 X360 deformation this a / C surface adopts metal design, the whole is silver white color matching, C side is black high-quality frosted material design, color matching is simple and fashionable, the overall feeling is stronger, holding it more temperament, it is very suitable for young white-collar workers, students and creators to carry out.

Compared with the previous generation of products, the shape of the star 14 X360 of the 2020 model is more angular, hard and strong, with smooth lines and slightly curved chamfering, which makes the appearance of the notebook more avant-garde and trendy. At the same time, the product also adopts the wedge-shaped frame design with slightly convex upper and lower edges and concave in the middle, which makes the opening and closing of the three sides of the screen more easily and labor-saving, and the screen can be opened by one hand on the desktop.

A 14 inch IPS high-definition screen is equipped on the B side of the fuselage of the star 14 X360 deformation version. The FHD resolution display effect is clear and bright, and can restore the real picture color. At the same time, the three side narrow frame design brings more screen share and wider field of vision, which makes the visual experience better when watching video content. In addition, the biggest highlight of the screen is that it supports 360 ° flexible flipping. It can switch freely between four different use modes of traditional notebook, tent, standing and tablet. It is suitable for different office environments or occasions, such as using tent mode when displaying, and standing mode when sharing screen with colleagues. At the same time, the screen also supports the handwritten touch function, which can also be directly controlled by fingers; turning the screen to tablet mode is more suitable for taking notes and drawing, especially for white-collar workers, design creators and student user groups.

On the C-side of the fuselage, the star 14 X360 is equipped with an LED backlight keyboard to meet the needs of dark light or night scenes. The keys with high key range and strong rebound also provide smooth and comfortable tapping and input experience. This product upgrade also increases the area of the touch panel, brings more operation space, allows users to get comfortable and flexible control experience on the touch panel, and also improves the overall beauty of the fuselage. The right side of the C-side touch panel is also equipped with a fingerprint identification module, which can be unlocked and entered into the system with the touch of a finger. The tedious password input process is saved, and the office use is safer and more efficient.

The top of C-plane is also equipped with diamond loudspeaker grille with artistic sense. The interior adopts Danish Royal B & amp; o audio system. After professional adjustment, it brings extraordinary three-dimensional sound effect. When listening to music or watching movies, it has more three-dimensional and immersive audio-visual enjoyment.

Ten generations of core blessing, office creation more efficient

In 2020, the new star 14 X360 variant is equipped with Intel’s latest Icelake 10th generation 10nm core processor, which greatly improves the computing performance compared with the previous generation. Strong performance can meet the needs of graphic creation, video rendering and playing games. It is more smooth and efficient in the face of daily office use. HP’s unique coolsense intelligent cooling system is installed inside the product body, which can intelligently identify the operating environment and adjust the cooling strategy. It can guarantee stable performance in any scenario without one click acceleration. The cool surface of the body also brings better use experience.

In addition, the memory of star 14 X360 is upgraded to DDR4 3200mhz high-frequency memory, which makes the system run and the use of software more high-speed. At the same time, running multiple programs can also respond in time, so there is no need to worry about the stuck situation. The hard disk is equipped with a maximum 512gb nvme SSD solid state, the computer boot and file reading and writing speed will be faster, sufficient capacity space can allow users to arbitrarily store some large data files, video, go out can also store all the data in the notebook, read use time is fast, convenient, so that you can change efficiency in seconds.

Dual band WiFi + 4G LTE Internet access, you can enjoy high-speed network at any time

In terms of network, the 4G LTE version of star 14 X360 not only supports 802.11ac dual band WiFi, but also carries 4G inside the fuselage LTE module, to ensure that users can directly connect to high-speed Internet in the environment with WiFi network, but in some occasions without WiFi, they can still get a stable high-speed and safe online experience through 4G network, which will not affect your mobile office experience due to network problems, and help you enter the working state anytime and anywhere. For users who purchase the 4G LTE version of star 14 X360, they will also give 6 months of traffic, with 20GB of traffic available every month. 20GB is enough to support your work email, video communication, variety show and game playing. In addition, additional purchase and renewal can also be made later.

The 4G LTE version of star 14 X360 also supports Bluetooth 5.0 function, so that the speed and distance of Bluetooth signal transmission can be faster and farther, and connecting Bluetooth headset, wireless mouse and other peripheral devices will be more convenient. In order to better help mobile office, the fuselage is equipped with a 43whr high-capacity battery, with a service life of more than 9 hours. When using outdoor mobile office, you don’t need to worry about the battery life. Even if you have temporary arrangements for going out, you don’t have to worry about it. The product also supports fast charging technology, which can charge 50% in 45 minutes. The computer can be “blooded” by using spare time, and it is easy to use all day.

Rich fuselage interface layout, more convenient for peripheral connection

Although the body of star 14 X360 is very thin and compact, it provides a variety of fuselage interfaces. On the right side of the fuselage, it is equipped with a hdmi2.0 interface, a USB 3.2 Gen 2 type-C interface, a USB 3.1 Gen 1 interface, a SD card reader and a power interface; and a USB 3.1 gen on the left side of the fuselage 1 interface, as well as headset interface and keyhole, can fully meet all kinds of connection expansion needs in daily work and life. You don’t need to take all kinds of “small tails” when you go out. You can get rid of the embarrassment of expansion dock, further improve the portability, and let you go to battle with light clothes.

Moreover, the HDMI interface on the right side of the fuselage is also upgraded to 2.0 protocol, which can support 4K video output and faster data transmission, and can be directly connected with 4K ultra clear display screen. In addition, the data transmission speed of USB 3.2 Gen2 type-C full function interface is as high as 10Gbps, which can not only output video, but also charge mobile phones, tablets and other devices, which is particularly convenient.


The star 14 X360 variant 4G LTE version is light and fashionable in appearance, and supports four modes of use mode switching, which makes it more comfortable to cope with various use environments; while dual band WiFi and 4G With the support of LTE network, the device can ensure stable and high-speed network connection in any situation. No matter in the coffee shop or high-speed railway, you don’t need to “scratch the network”, enjoy the safe and stable network environment, and realize the creation, office and video entertainment anytime and anywhere. In addition to the powerful performance of the 10th generation 10nm core processor, it also supports a 9-hour battery life. From all aspects of performance, star 14 X360 variant 4G LTE version is definitely the best choice for mobile office. If you are choosing a comprehensive and high-energy office tool, this star 14 X360 deformation should not be missed, I believe it can meet your needs.

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