Binocular obstacle avoidance black technology blessing, Stone T7 Pro double 11 pre-sale drops by 900

With the continuous penetration of the concept of smart home, many people have truly realized that "technology changes life", and the time-saving and labor-saving sweeping robot has emerged as a product that can greatly enhance the happiness of life. What is completely different from previous sweeping robots is that Roborock's annual flagship T7 pro adopts the same binocular obstacle avoidance technology as drones and autopilots.

To put it simply, the previous monocular cameras can only obtain two-dimensional images, and can only obtain length and width information, but cannot judge depth and distance. This is also the case of conventional sweeping robots in the past. "Go up and stop" reason. The binocular obstacle avoidance system adopted by the Stone T7 pro can not only obtain the length and width, but also judge the distance of the object through the dual cameras, and truly feel the three-dimensional picture. Obstacle avoidance is achieved by identifying and ranging objects in the home. Greatly improve the effect of obstacle avoidance, not only visible, but also able to avoid. At the same time, with infrared fill light, it can ensure the accuracy of obstacle avoidance even in dark environments.

AI technology has also been introduced into the sweeping robot. Through AI object recognition technology, it can quickly identify obstacles such as wire clusters, power strips, and shoes. At the same time, different levels of obstacle avoidance measures are implemented according to different obstacles, which greatly reduces the probability of being trapped. Knowing the danger can better "protect yourself." With the camera on the fuselage, it can also remotely view the status of the home and mobile patrol the status of the pets in the home.

Super suction, sweeping and dragging are integrated, aside from the blessing of black technology, you can also do your job well. A large 5200mAh battery with a large 297ml water tank can meet the cleaning needs of 250 square meters at a time.

The Roborock T7 pro will be available for pre-sale from October 21st to 30th. The original price is 3,899, which is 900 yuan (USD $129) , and the price is only 2,999. The price is guaranteed on Double Eleven. The first 1,000 people who pay the balance will add a wash filter. Allow users to experience a relaxed life without sweeping the floor before Double Eleven.