Black Shark 3S detailed evaluation: a game phone for players

In March this year, black shark officially launched Black Shark 3 series, bringing game phones belonging to 5g era. Now black shark has brought us an upgraded version of black shark 3 – Black Shark 3S. Black Shark 3S is upgraded to a 120Hz high refresh rate screen. At the same time, the game experience has been further improved. Let’s see what kind of new game experience it can bring.

Appearance: hard nuclear power competition, and cool lighting effect

In appearance, black shark 3S is similar to the black shark 3 released earlier. It also has a strong video game wind. You can see it is a game phone at first sight. The back cover adopts the iconic x element design, which is a mixture of metal and glass, which has a sense of hierarchy.

The back of the fuselage adopts left-right symmetrical segmentation design. The rear camera module is a distinctive polygon, and there is a polygon module below the fuselage. Although there are many elements in the back, it can give people a sense of orderliness.

Black Shark 3S has two colors of sky cloud black and crystal blue. The color of crystal blue is used for the evaluation machine, which is a light blue. The light and shadow effect on the back of the fuselage has been redesigned. From different angles, you can see the effect of light and shadow.

Black Shark 3S is equipped with “s” logo on the back, and two polygon modules on the back are also equipped with a small light bar. The three lights can be displayed in linkage. A black shark’s eye 2.0 lighting control software is provided on the desktop of the system, which can customize the lighting effects of calling, charging and music playing.

Light control software built-in a variety of lighting effects, users can also customize the lighting effect to meet individual needs. The screen lighting effect can also be set in the scene of calling and music playing, which matches with the back light, which is very cool and plays in a variety of ways.

In terms of hand feeling, black shark 3S middle frame has been bulged on the waist line, which makes it possible to feel the obvious contour when holding it. Because of the symmetrical design on the back, the same hand feeling can be obtained when holding horizontally. The thickness and weight of mobile phones will be heavier than ordinary mobile phones, but the actual use is also good, there will be no particularly obvious burden.

Black Shark 3S is equipped with two tiktok speakers, and the loudspeakers are all on the frame. Normally, the sound and the sound can be obtained by shaking the sound and watching the movie. Because of the special position design of the dual speaker, the sound effect will not be affected by the occlusion of the speaker when holding the game horizontally.

In terms of interface, black shark 3S is equipped with mainstream type-C charging interface, and 3.5mm headphone interface is reserved in the upper and middle frame, which is very friendly for friends who often use wired headphones. There is also a magnetic suction charging port on the back of the fuselage. The quick charging of QC can be realized through the special magnetic suction charging wire. The advantage of this charging method is that playing the game horizontally will not affect the operation because of the wire rod, and the experience of playing while charging is also very good.

Black Shark 3S supports fingerprint recognition. The fingerprint unlocking position is close to the top, so it is easy to use. The actual fingerprint unlocking recognition speed is fast, and different fingerprint unlocking dynamic effects can be changed in the system. It can also be used with facial recognition.

Screen: 120Hz high refresh rate, no abnormal design

The screen is one of the highlights of the black shark 3S upgrade, with a 6.67 inch 120Hz Samsung AMOLED screen. This screen adopts the non-shaped cutting design, there are no holes, bangs, etc. blocking the screen line of sight, the complete screen looks very comfortable.

The left and right borders of the screen are controlled relatively well. The upper and lower borders occupy a part of the area due to the speakers. The overall view is relatively wide.

The screen supports a refresh rate of 120Hz. In short, it can bring more fluent visual effects. This advantage will be more obvious in slow motion. For details, please refer to the above slow motion animation comparison. The system provides 90hz and 120Hz refresh rate options, users can choose between fluency and endurance.

The screen of black shark 3S has been tinted from the factory, and the screen color is quasi delta E & lt; 1. The screen color restoration is more accurate, and the actual screen color perception is more comfortable and natural. Users can also choose different color modes in the settings. The screen resolution is 2400 × 1080, which has passed the HDR 10 + certification. It supports DC dimming with independent display, making it more comfortable to watch with low brightness.

Black Shark 3S is equipped with a pixelwork independent display chip, which can enhance the contrast, brightness and color range of the game screen, making the game screen more realistic. Black Shark 3S also adds MEMC intelligent frame insertion 3.0 function. Low frame rate video can be inserted up to 120 frames. When combined with a 120Hz screen, you can get better fluency when watching ordinary video.

In addition, black shark 3S also supports two-way video frame insertion. Opening the bullet screen to watch videos in common bilibilibili, Tencent video, Youku, iqiyi and other apps can also realize frame insertion to meet more daily use scenarios. In addition to the video, black shark 3S also has a high frame rate game adaptation. The detailed experience can be seen in the following game links.

There is also a small detail to improve the visual experience. Black Shark 3S supports the game frame rate synchronization technology, and the refresh rate of the mobile phone screen will automatically follow the frame rate setting in the game, which can effectively solve the problems such as stuck and frame dropping that affect the game experience.

In terms of touch, black shark 3S supports 270Hz screen touch sampling rate, which can greatly reduce the touch response time, and can provide more rapid response in gunfight games. The user can also adjust the fine touch parameters such as sensitivity, heel chirality and edge anti mistouch according to their own preferences.

Game: Dragon 865 blessing, and high frame rate game

Black Shark 3S is equipped with snapdragon 865 chip, ufs3.1 high-speed flash memory and 12gb lpddr5 memory as standard. In terms of heat dissipation, the “sandwich” three-dimensional liquid cooling is adopted, and the hand holding area is far away from the heat source, which is not easy to affect the player’s hand feeling.

In terms of software, black shark 3S is equipped with exclusive GameEngine performance engine and Tencent solarcore dual game engine. Through in-depth optimization of the dual game engine, the game loading speed is improved and the game frame rate fluctuation is reduced.

In terms of running points, the black shark 3S Angora score is as high as 630000 +, which is very high in the current flagship aircraft.  

In the actual game experience, the special effects play “Honor of the king”. According to the software record data, the average frame rate reaches 61.3 frames. The frame rate of the whole game is very stable, which can bring a very smooth game experience. In the process of the game, it has the bonus of killing vibration feedback and screen lighting effect, which makes the game experience more abundant.

In the peace elite test, black shark 3S supports Ultra HD screen settings. In the smooth picture quality setting, you can turn on 90 frame mode. In the 90 frame mode, according to the results recorded by the software, the average frame rate of the game can reach 89 frames, and the frame rate fluctuation is very small. It can maintain good fluency in complex scenes such as driving, gun battle, etc. In the game, you can turn on the vibration mode and vibrate appropriately according to the sound effect. For example, when shooting, there will be vibration effect and more immersion.

It is worth mentioning that it benefits from the addition of 270Hz touch sampling rate. Shooting, moving and other operations respond quickly, and mobile follow-up can also respond in time in some fierce battles, bringing greater operational advantages.

At the same time, users can adjust the sensitivity and chirality of the touch screen to meet different operation requirements.

“QQ flying car” can support 120 frame mode, and the average number of frames recorded by the software is 111.5 frames. Although the frame rate fluctuates in the process of the game, the number of frames can be kept above 96 frames, which can bring the fluency far beyond the normal 60 frames.

At present, black shark 3S already has QQ flying car, ACE fighter, under one person, peace elite, ghost cry, collapse 3 and other games that support high frame rate. Users can experience better fluency brought by high refresh rate screen in the game.

In terms of temperature, after playing the game for 30 minutes, the maximum temperature measured on the front screen was 40.7 ° C, and that on the back of the mobile phone was 39.6 ° C. The main holding area on the back of the phone can still keep relatively low temperature, which brings more comfortable grip feeling.

Novel game manipulation

In addition to fluency, black shark 3S also introduces a wealth of control methods for user operation. Black Shark 3S supports dual area screen game pressure and voice control. It also introduces experience game control into mobile phones for the first time. Users can obtain better operation experience through superposition of different operation modes.

The dual zone game pressure sensing function is popular among players. In the game assistant’s control center, you can turn on the screen pressure sensing function, which is divided into left and right pressure sensing areas, which can replace two key operations. The user can define the function and intensity of the pressure sensitive button, and map the corresponding function operation. In the “peace elite” game, you can also use the intelligent pressure mapping function to quickly set up, easy to use.

After setting the pressure feeling function of the two zone game, the four finger operation can be realized through two fingers in the game. When moving, press hard to realize the fire, the operation is sensitive, the pressing operation will be accompanied by vibration, the operation experience is good. Under the blessing of the dual zone pressure sensing function, the shooting can be easily moved at the same time, as if there are peripheral blessings.

Black Shark 3S also introduced somatosensory control into mobile games for the first time. It supports six kinds of somatosensory gestures, including left / right flip, front / back flip and left up / right up tilt. Each somatosensory action can be customized mapping function, which can easily complete cutting gun, changing bullets and other operations. The practical operation response is sensitive, the success rate is high, after getting used to the operation is very convenient, also can increase the interest.

In addition, black shark 3S also supports voice control, and the system has a common voice vocabulary. In the “peace elite” game, grenades, shooting and other operations can be carried out directly through voice. For example, “grenades and grenades” can switch to grenades. At the same time, it also supports players to customize vocabulary, which can achieve different game functions. It also supports voice to complete screenshots, volume, screen brightness adjustment and other functions. Of course, the voice control function may be more suitable for playing games alone, and it may be a little awkward to use it in a crowded place.

Black Shark 3S can also be used with the shoulder key of black shark E-sports mobile game to obtain different operation experience. The shoulder key of black shark E-sports mobile game is a simple physical button, which can be installed on the mobile phone without charging, and has good compatibility.

The setting of the shoulder key of black shark’s mobile game is very simple. Take peace elite as an example, drag the key to the appropriate position in the custom key layout, and align the conductive rubber pad of black shark’s mobile game shoulder key with the key. For example, the left and right buttons can be used to shoot and open the mirror respectively.

The shoulder key of black shark video game hand game will not block the important game screen. The touch of the button is better, which can significantly improve the game operation experience.

System: joyui12, customized for game depth

Black Shark 3S is equipped with joyui12, and retains the classic functions of mui12 grapefruit light cone dynamic effect, super wallpaper, privacy protection, global free window, etc. on the basis of miui12, it carries out in-depth game function customization, which can bring more intimate game experience.

Through the two-stage switch of black shark 3S, the game space can be opened or closed, but the game space can only be closed through the entity button.

The game space provides rich functions, including system performance settings, display settings, etc., and supports touch screen adjustment with rich options.

The game space settings can also be pulled out by sliding in the game. Different screen settings can be modified to support HDR mode of the game. After the HDR mode is turned on, black shark 3S will enhance the contrast of the game picture, make the color more colorful, and the game picture will be more vivid. Players can open it according to their own preferences.

In addition, black shark 3S also supports hunting mode. When this mode is turned on, the screen will turn into reverse phase effect, making it easier to see the characters. In the game of eating chicken, it is easy to find the enemy even if he lies in the grass.

Black Shark 3S also supports the function of playing freely on the screen. After downloading the client, the real-time game can be put on the computer through the USB 3.0 data cable, and it can be operated directly with the keyboard and mouse of the computer. It is very convenient for the host who often needs to live the mobile game.

In terms of network, black shark 3S adopts “double x” side antenna enhancement design. Holding the game scene horizontally can also ensure signal quality and reduce network delay. Black Shark 3S supports SA / NSA dual-mode 5g, dual band WiFi 6, and data + Dual WLAN multi-channel acceleration to improve the network experience.

Charging endurance: 65W fast charging + 4720mah battery

Black Shark 3S is equipped with 4720mah high-capacity battery. It is the industry’s first fast charging scheme of series charging and discharging dual batteries. It can switch intelligently according to different use states. This design can ensure charging speed and endurance at the same time. Charging, equipped with a 65W charger.

According to the test results, it only takes 15 minutes to reach 59% of the power and 36 minutes to reach 100% of the power. Even if a large 4720mah battery is built in, the actual charging time is still very short, which is the first level of mainstream mobile phone charging.

In terms of endurance, we tested it for up to three hours. Including online play 1080p video, brush micro blog, play games and other links. After 3 hours of testing, the remaining power is 63%, and the total power consumption is 37%. At 120Hz screen refresh rate, it is very good to have such performance.

Photo: 64 million AI

In terms of photographing, black shark 3S is a combination of 64 million main camera, 12 million super wide angle and 5 million portrait lens, supporting super wide angle, super night scene and portrait mode.

Main camera

In the daytime, the main camera will generate a 16 million pixel photo by default, which is rich in details, clear and sharp, and more realistic in color. It is no problem to meet the daily record. If you have high requirements for details, you can also turn on 64 million pixel mode.

Super wide angle mode ↑

Black Shark 3S also supports ultra wide angle mode, through which we can get a wider view. The color of the sample is close to that of the main photo, and the details are also good, but the edge distortion is still slightly obvious.

In the outdoor high light ratio environment, black shark 3S can also have excellent performance, the overall tolerance of the picture is very high, it is easy to take good photos.

Main camera default ↑

Night view

In terms of night shooting, black shark 3S supports night view mode, and the improvement is obvious under night view mode. In the night view mode, the performance of the highlight part of the picture has been greatly improved, the details of the highlight are more abundant, the color of the light box can be restored truly, and the picture in the night scene mode is more pure.

More samples:

Main camera

Super wide angle ↑

Night view mode

Write it at the end

Black Shark 3S appearance is very personalized, equipped with cool lighting effect, in line with the style of game players. Black Shark 3S is upgraded to 120Hz screen, supports 270Hz touch sampling rate, snapdragon 865 provides strong performance support, and is equipped with 65W fast charging. These are flagship hardware configurations.

Aiming at the pain points of game users, black shark 3S has added dual zone game pressure and rich game space, which can bring more perfect game experience to players. Black Shark 3S through in-depth cooperation with Tencent, give full play to the hardware performance, at the same time, can also feel the advantages of many details in Tencent games. There is no doubt that this is a mobile phone specially designed for game players. In the subdivided field of game phones, black shark 3S can bring unique and advantageous game experience.