Black Shark 4 game phone starts to warm up: 4>5+6+7 is better than competing products

According to the news on February 21st, in the past few days, the major game mobile phone manufacturers seem to have negotiated, and they have announced their new generation of sales 888 flagship new phones in these two days. Among them, the brand-new Black Shark 4 game phone under Black Shark, an outstanding representative in this field, has attracted the attention of many mobile game lovers. Now there is the latest news. Recently, Black Shark Technology CEO Luo Yuzhou also began to warm up the new Black Shark 4 gaming phone.

According to the latest information released by Black Shark CEO Luo Yuzhou, the entire Weibo has only “4>5+6+7” content. Some netizens speculate based on recent information from other brands of gaming phones that “4” naturally represents It is Black Shark 4, “5” stands for ROG gaming phone 5, “6” stands for Red Magic 6, and “7” stands for iQOO 7, which was launched shortly before. “4>5+6+7” also implies that the Black Shark 4 gaming phone will be better than competing products.

In other respects, according to previously exposed news, the new Black Shark 4 gaming phone will provide dual versions of Black Shark 4 and Black Shark 4 Pro for the first time, equipped with a 6.67-inch Samsung AMOLED high-resolution screen with a resolution of 2400*1080 and support 120Hz High refresh rate, equipped with the sm8250 processor, the final mass production version should be the latest sub-flagship positioning chip Snapdragon 870, while the Pro version will be equipped with the Snapdragon 888 flagship processor. In addition, the machine’s battery capacity is 4720mAh, and will support 65W/120W extremely fast flash charging.

It is reported that the brand-new Black Shark 4 gaming phone will meet with you in the near future. As for the specific release time, the official has not yet confirmed it. It is likely to meet with you in March. More detailed information, we will wait and see.