Black Shark e-sports fingercase: 0.25 mm thick, only 29 yuan

Fingertips are usually used to protect fingers when working. No one should think of using them when playing games. Black shark as a professional treatment of mobile phone competition manufacturers, in addition to game phones, some peripheral peripherals have covered every aspect of the game.

How does finger sweat affect the touch of the screen when playing games? Black shark has its own solution. This morning, black shark put on a black shark electronic competition fingerset, the price is 29 yuan, the opening time is 10:00 am on August 11.

According to the official introduction, the fingertip is only 0.25 mm thick, which can restore the real touch of the screen. The fingertips are made of 18 stitches which can be controlled by high-quality yarn to achieve a sensitive touch. In addition, the finger cover itself also has superconducting carbon fiber, ultra-thin spandex and super breathable nylon. The professional material ratio can effectively drain sweat and keep fingers dry and smooth.

The finger cover itself is a piece of seam connection, which will not affect the touch. With 12 processes and 220g wrapping force, it can adapt to any hand type.