BlackBerry 5G mobile phone will be listed in 2021, the physical keyboard returns

It is reported that OnwardMobility announced that it has reached a cooperation agreement with BlackBerry and Foxconn’s FIH Fujikang. In the first half of 2021, it will launch a BlackBerry 5G mobile phone equipped with a physical keyboard, focusing on the European and North American markets.

In 2016, BlackBerry launched the mobile phone market and licensed the brand to TCL. This authorization will also end on August 31 this year. BlackBerry said it has authorized OnwardMobility the right to develop, design and sell 5G BlackBerry mobile phones, and FIH Fujikang is obviously responsible for OEM manufacturing, which is the same model as Nokia mobile phones.

Then the return of BlackBerry means the return of full keyboard phones. The highlight of BlackBerry lies in the design of the full keyboard and the ultimate performance of security and privacy protection.

I believe that this time the return of BlackBerry will bring new vitality to the mobile phone market.